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Sometimes (a matter of perspective), the best horror flicks are the ones we have never heard of. They may have been too controversial or graphic, they may have been ill received by the unimpressed critics, or just simply lacked the budget to promote to a wider array of audiences and make it onto silver screens everywhere. Whatever the crap reason may be, as fans we are grateful for the plethora of awkward horror novelties we have to choose from, and the sick fact that we adore that we can still be shocked. Bored by big screen blockbusters and overly hyped theater stock with predictable and cheap scares around every corner? Try your hand in the unpopular, quirky and completely underrated realm of horror castaways.

Here are five more obscure horror movies you might have missed:

5. 2001 Maniacs

When will you crazy kids ever learn never to follow a busted-ass, old-as-shit, rickety handmade detour sign when you are lost in the woods? It never ends well. At least in this case it is absolutely hilarious, bloody and maybe a bit offensive. Starring Giuseppe Andrews (Detroit Rock City), Lin Shaye (Insidious), and Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street), 2001 Maniacs is a shamelessly fun horror-comedy worthy of a spot of it’s own in your collection.

4. Broken

Under-seen and underrated to the fullest, Broken is a simply crafted gem of dehumanization and the will to survive. They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned, but in reality, it is the quiet plotting and subordination of a grieving mother you need to be weary of. Both honest and viciously alluring, this slow-burning obscure film is certainly a new kind of survival film.

3. Sick Girl

Sick Girl certainly a movie made for its shock value. No doubt that you will find yourself nauseated and squirming many time throughout this brutal indie horror. Sick Girl is particularly enjoyable in a group setting for the shameless delight of watching your friends, loved ones and frenemies cringe in disgust. You’re welcome.

2. The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red is incredibly brutal, twisted and unexpectedly satisfying. A golden example of how obscure horror tops large studio productions in creativity, gore and bold storytelling and a fabulous homage to '80s horror. With strippers, snuff, incest and a mysterious masked slasher, Babyface truly deserves a spot of his own among the psycho-killer hall of fame (which should totally be a thing by the way).

1. Eat

The last thing you should probably be doing while you sit down to watch Eat is just that, so by all means skip the snacks, but keep the alcohol coming. Eat is a wonderful chick flick for girls with a bit more of a morbid side and deranged sense of humor. Follow the lovely Novella McClure (eloquently played by Meggie Maddock) while she aims to make it on to the silver screen while struggling to make her ends meet, maintain a personal life and hide her eating disorder, which may or may not involve cannibalizing parts of her own body in times of stress.

Looking for more horror to appease your appetite? Check out some of the best horrors you can watch right now on Netflix in the video below:

As strange as they may be, there is certainly a film on this list for everyone to enjoy. Let us know in the comments section below which of the five was your favorite, and which five you would like to see on the next list!


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