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There was a lot of buzz about the disaster film The Wave even before it was recently added to Netflix, but now that it's available to an international audience, you can see this exceptional disaster film for yourself. If you're not sure you want to sit through yet another CGI-drenched disaster film, here are four reasons why you really should give The Wave a chance.

4. Simply Put: It's A Foreign Film

Call me a bit elitist, but there are some areas of cinema that foreigners just seem to do better. Foreign horror films tend to be way more gruesome and unpredictable than the one produced in the states. Who knew disaster films would be better if foreign-made too? The recent string of disaster movies in the US such as San Andreas or 2012 tend to turn catastrophic disasters where millions of people die into fun and high-powered action films. Now I'll admit, I'm a sucker for any disaster film, but I think Norway understood that a disaster is scary on every level, with very little entertainment value and includes a lot of real-life survival instincts. I believe we were due for a foreign disaster film to make a more realistic on screen portrayal of what the fallout of a massive tsunami would actually look like.

3. It Portrays A Natural Disaster More Realistically

Fitting in with the theme above, Norway got a lot of things right when creating The Wave. A natural disaster can happen at anytime and with little or no notice. Yes, it does have the cliche theme that only one man knew the disaster was coming, but no one listened to him. Beyond that, the cliches end. The movie has realistic characters facing realistic odds. There's one particularly gruesome scene where a mother has to go to extreme measures to save the life of her son. It's not flashy or contains thousands of dollars of CGI, but it is shocking and relatable while still being horrific. The actors look like real people, not buffed up action heroes or well dressed, smart-ass scientist. The Wave features a relatable family who is torn apart from the disaster and struggle throughout most of the film to find each other despite the devastation surrounding them.

2. It's Not Drenched In CGI From Beginning To End

One of my favorite things to watch during the summer season is a CGI-filled disaster film, but what makes The Wave special is that it's everything but that. The movie only pulls out its heaviest CGI work where it counts; during the actual disaster itself and the aftermath of the gigantic tsunami. The film decides not to make CGI a star on its own, but instead focuses on the characters. The Wave lets its actors display how stressful and terrifying natural disasters really are. The writers made a point to show that the natural disaster itself isn't always the worst thing, it's the aftermath that's truly unforgettable. Some of the post-disaster scenes are truly gut-wrenching. While other disaster movies tend to shy away from bloody, dead bodies and just focus on structural disaster, this film puts true disaster right in your face!

1. There's A Strong And Equal Female Lead

In many disaster films, the female leads are not equal to the man. The mother waits around for the all-powerful father to save her and her children. Not in this film! The Wave makes the mother of the family as strong of a lead as the father. She goes to great lengths to save her family and it makes her a character you truly want to cheer for. I've never seen a mama bear portrayed so well as in The Wave.

If you like disaster film's but you're looking for something a little more realistic, add The Wave to your Netflix queue right away. Check out the trailer below:

What is your favorite natural disaster movie?


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