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It's around that time of year when we find out what the upcoming season of American Horror Story is about. However, not only is the show premiering a month earlier than usual, the theme is shrouded in ambiguity. A series of bone-chilling promos highlighting the number six accompanied by a question mark were released and continue to throw fans off the scent. A new promo released this week seems rather familiar, though, as it incorporates several of the show's previous promotional characters.

As you can see, the promo is largely focused on the past, but what's most interesting is that each of the previous season's key characters bleeds into the other. While it's likely that this is insinuating that all of the seasons are connected, there is perhaps another alternative option — perhaps it's suggesting that American Horror Story is about to take its final bow.

Connecting All Six Seasons

There has been a lot of talk over the years about the possible connection between all of the American Horror Story iterations. The connectivity was confirmed when Asylum character Pepper was featured in Freak Show. In Freak Show, Pepper ended up being transferred to Briarcliff — the asylum from the second season — thus confirming that the some of the seasons may take place in the same universe as others. Other instances have included characters like Dr. Arthur Arden and Billie Dean Howard being featured in several seasons of the show.

This new promo is clearly suggesting a link between all of the seasons of American Horror Story — especially considering each of the promotional characters from previous seasons bleed into one another. Unless series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are trying to keep fans guessing — which is entirely possible — we cant help but assume that Season 6 will be the season to finally put together all of the puzzle pieces.

The Symbolism Of The Character Interactions

Another thing that is noticeable in the promo is that all of the famous American Horror Story characters seem to be either struggling for survival or just moving on — and things are falling apart. It starts with Murder House's Rubber Man, who rises up in an attempt to grab onto the viewer before the camera pans out of the Asylum's Nun's eye. However the Rubber Man's hand has now grasped onto the Nun's eye which inevitably causes her eyes to bleed. The Rubber Man slips away and the Nun has been corrupted as a result.

As the camera pulls out again we find ourselves among the witches of the Coven and see that infamous snake that is somehow intertwined in all three women's mouths. However, unlike before when it was used to promote Coven, the snake does not remain dormant —he leaps forward at the viewer.

As we move onto Freak Show, the "freak" appears to be rising up into the clouds — signifying that they are moving on. As the camera pans out again, we find ourselves emerging from the Hotel lady's mouth, only unlike when it was used to promote Hotel, the key turns and her mouth begins to shut. The Hotel is closed for business.

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It's clear that the promo is suggesting that the seasons are all linked but also suggests that the end is nigh for American Horror Story. It's odd, in a way — this promo is almost suggesting that the previous seasons have indirectly caused each other to become corrupted and as a result each one got more horrifying. It's almost suggesting that each season only happened because of its predecessor. If this is the case, then perhaps the sixth season will be the most horrifying of all as it will be directly influenced by all of the previous seasons.

Declining Ratings

Unfortunately American Horror Story's ratings suffered last year. Some blame the declining viewership on the absence of series star Jessica Lange, which is no doubt a key factor but it makes me wonder if the sixth season is being marketed with throwbacks to previous seasons in an attempt to increase viewership. Moreover, the ambiguity is exciting — If nobody knows what it is about, then perhaps the audience that tunes in on premiere night will be significantly higher than it was last year.

Allowing American Horror Story to finish up while the viewing figures are relatively good is a great way to go out. A closing chapter that could bring all of the previous seasons together would no doubt prove to be a hit.

If The Seasons Are Connected, Will Jessica Lange Return?

If the sixth — and potential final — season joins the all of the previous seasons together, then Jessica Lange will have to return in some capacity. Lange carried the series for four of its five seasons and losing her was a substantial loss to the show.

Lange could return as a new recurring character or perhaps we will see the return of Fiona Goode or Elsa Mars — either way, we wouldn't be complaining if Ms. Lange had one more outing on American Horror Story. Also, Murder House ended on a cliffhanger which has yet to be resolved, so perhaps the potential final season will see the return of Constance Langdon and her Anti-Christ baby.

Queen of Horror: Will Jessica Lange Return?
Queen of Horror: Will Jessica Lange Return?

The world would be a worse place without American Horror Story but I can't help but think that this new teaser is symbolising the end. It's been an horrifyingly terrific run but without Jessica Lange, American Horror Story can only survive for so long. The ambiguity surrounding the sixth season's theme is electrifying but be prepared, we may have to bid farewell to our favourite horror show.

Do you think the end is nigh for American Horror Story? Would you like to see Jessica Lange return? Tell me in the comment section below.


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