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Presidential elections come and go, but some things never change. Thankfully, one unchanging force of nature is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!

After making his debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 1997, Triumph, with his cigar and witty bag of insults, quickly ascended the pop culture ladder, comfortably remaining at the top ever since.

To celebrate Triumph's longstanding coverage of the presidential elections, the comic dog was recently tapped as an official political correspondent by Hulu and FunnyOrDie, which led to his very own Summer Election Special. Because — let's be honest — this election is so crazy that a satirical talking puppet is about as valid as any news outlet.

Let's take a look back on Triumph's reporting over the last 12 years, and why he should now be known as the Triumph the Incisive-Political-Humor Dog:

The 2004 Presidential Debate Spin Room

  • Presidential Candidates: Incumbent President George W. Bush (R)/Senator John Kerry (D)
  • Vice Presidential Candidates: Incumbent Vice President Dick Cheney (R)/ Senator John Edwards (D)

In this segment, Triumph actually got to speak to Karl Rove, President Bush's consultant and argued with Ralph Reed over gay rights. My favorite sound bite from the evening: "If you're going to be against gay rights then you'd better take that pole out of your ass."

The 2008 Republican National Convention

  • Presidential Candidates: Senator Barack Obama (D)/Senator John McCain (R)
  • Vice Presidential Candidates: Senator Joe Biden (D)/Governor Sarah Palin (R)

This is where Triumph also revealed that one of our favorite childhood dogs, Air Bud, liked to be peed on, hence his nickname "Golden Receiver." Pretty incriminating stuff. He also treated us to a little ditty "Sarah-brate," a cover of "Celebrate" to honor the Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Love all things Hulu? Be sure to check out even more great content on Hulunation:

The Final 2012 Presidential Debate

  • Presidential Candidates: Incumbent President Barack Obama (D)/Governor Mitt Romney (R)
  • Vice Presidential Candidates: Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden (D)/ Representative Paul Ryan (R)

In this video, it's probably best to just ignore Conan's confusing cornrows. (Say that five times fast.) In 2012 Triumph was back in spin alley and — unsurprisingly — took aim at the Republican candidates. He also offered even more insight into the dog industry in Hollywood, citing "Romney changes positions more than Lassie did on her prom night." Woof.

Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016

  • Presidential Candidates: Donald Trump (R)/Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton (D)
  • Vice Presidential Candidates: Governor Mike Pence (R)/Senator Tim Kaine (D)

Of all the many fantastic segments to come out of Triumph's Election Special 2016, nothing has made waves quite like this one. This February, Triumph took it upon himself to interview some of our nation's key election demographics: the youth. Naturally, it wasn't your standard Q&A session.

Triumph recently made headlines once again after conducing a fake focus group geared towards Donald Trump supporters. In the bit, Triumph made a focus group comprised of real Donald Trump supporters, and aired fake Trump campaign ads. After viewing, the moderator received some pretty interesting feedback.

We still have a few months left in election season, and I can't wait to see what else Triumph has in store for us.

Be sure to keep following Triumph's coverage of the 2016 presidential elections exclusively brought to you by Hulu.


Happy election season, everyone!


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