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In the midst of all of the different controversies following the release of Suicide Squad it seems as if Joker news is everywhere. So I'm here to give you some more Joker news that's retouching on an old topic, which is the Joker's tattoos. What if the tattoos are actually more like trophies rather than symbols? Let's take a look!

'Joker' [Warner Bros.]
'Joker' [Warner Bros.]


The most highly talked about tattoo on the Joker's body is the one of the upside down bird located on his right arm. Many believe this signifies his brutal murder of Jason Todd's Robin. After all, Warner Bros. did confirm that it was Jason Todd's Robin that was murdered and it was also revealed in a brief scene in Suicide Squad that Harley Quinn assisted in the murder (so long Jason Todd is Joker rumors). So with that said, there really isn't any need to discuss this tattoo any further. I mean we as fans have practically beaten the topic to death (no pun intended).

Royal Flush Gang

The most interesting tattoo to me though is the cards on the Joker's neck. While most believe the cards just symbolize the games that the Joker plays on his opponents, I'm going to go farther and say that they reveal another character's death. In this case though, it reveals more than one character's death. These characters being the Royal Flush Gang!!!!

Now before you click off this page just hear me out. In the 'Infinite Crisis' #2 the Joker is denied entry into Alexander Luthor's 'Secret Society of Super Villains'. As a result, the Joker takes out his rage by killing a leader of a local cell of the group. He kills all fifty-two members but kills the King last. That said, it is quite plausible that at one time there was a Royal Flush Gang roaming the DCEU. In fact, there may be a new incarnation of them running around somewhere. The point is that the Joker's tattoos are not just all flash but they are more or less trophies of victories.

So what do you think? Do you feel as if the Joker's tattoos have more meaning than what meets the eye? Let me know in the comments below!


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