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It's no obscure fact that fans of FX's brutal spook show American Horror Story are by all means gluttons for punishment. FX is really milking this fact these days in how much they are pushing their elusive and unrelated teasers onto fans.

And while the fact of them releasing another one would be no big news story at this point, now they've released a promo that not only alludes to Season 6's (?6) connection to all previous seasons, but may be solidifying once and for all a sound and definite clue to the upcoming season's theme.

Watch the new promo (airing in theaters and on television August 19) below to see for yourself what exactly we're in for on September 14:

So it begins with the promo teasers for each of the past seasons, each seemingly bleeding into the next with the same Southern sort of singing we've heard in several other promos for Season 6 playing in the background. It's long been acknowledged that there are obvious connections between each of AHS's seasons, some more obvious than others such as character overlap. This latest promo seems to acknowledge that connectedness.

Which may be good news for those who think Season 6 will link quite directly to Season 1. A strong case for the Roanoke theory for the show. Even stronger suggestion? The last bit of the promo.

After cycling through all the teasers AHS has thrown at us over the past few weeks, they end with new imagery. Imagery that feels distinctly familiar.

It may just be all the Blair Witch hype after the big reveal at Comic-Con that Adam Wingard's The Woods is actually the long forecasted follow up to The Blair Witch Project. I admit the similarities in the poster for The Woods and the closing shot of this new AHS promo is blatant. But there's more to my theory.

The similarities in imagery isn't actually what I'm interested in. I'm not saying the film and show will be connected, instead I think its more interesting to note the similarity in setting. AHS's forest looks a lot like an East coast forest. Guess where forests like these grow? In North Carolina, where Roanoke Island lies. Where the people of Roanoke colony once lived before they mysteriously vanished.

If Elizabethan-era Roanoke colonists don't play into Season 6, than they sure are going out of their way to build hype around a red herring.

As for the skulls...the deceased colonists perhaps? There are certainly a lot of them. Maybe a nod to the possibility of natives engaging with the colonists? Skinning them perhaps. Maybe some sort of murderer in their midst?

Unfortunately there isn't much to glean regarding the secondary storyline promised for Season 6, most likely a modern one contrasting with the one set in the 1580's, but there's not much to glean at all.

It is interesting to note that American Horror Story is running a sweepstakes on their website to choose which teaser fans think will show up in the premiere. And only six of the teasers are included. This narrows the possibilities to:

  • Post Op
  • Lullaby
  • Wind Chimes
  • The Shadow
  • Blind Date
  • Camp Site

Could be another ruse, but a Mercedez Benz is on the line, so does it really matter? My money is on Lullaby, considering the presence of children has already been a solid fact for several months now. Here's hoping for some little evil colonizing children. It certainly worked in The Witch.

Do you think we've finally gotten confirmation of Roanoke Colony as part of our American Horror Story Season 6 theme? Or is this just the next stop on the never ending roller coaster?


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