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The idea of creating a story with these legendary horror icons is something that's excited me for a long time. What separates this fan film from others is that the traditional slasher formula does not apply here. There is a purpose to what they are doing — you see them develop an evil respect for each other and they both learn from one another. This is part one of a larger story that develops the characters on deeper levels, rather than churn out what we've all seen before. I have always felt there is so much to explore in the Freddy & Jason "world" and that is the main inspiration behind this project.

The Beginning Of Condemned

I remember sitting down with pen and paper and jotting some ideas down. The story, although skeletal, played out well in my head but there were a few major issues which worried me greatly if I was going to make this happen. The first was: "Where am I going to find masks and costumes that are highly accurate?" and that led me on a world of Internet searching. There are plenty of versions out there, but to find authentic-looking masks and outfits took a LOT of time. The second concern was: "Where am I going to find people willing to play these roles?!" Wearing awfully uncomfortable costumes, masks that don't breathe and in the case of Jason, having to be 6'6"!

Thankfully Facebook is an excellent resource with great reach, and via a few horror sites I was able to track down Jamie (who played Freddy as well as a workman at the beginning of the movie) and Phil (who played the larger-than-life Jason). The third and final concern was "Where am I going to shoot this? Who would even let me do this on their property?!" and regardless of the project, this is ALWAYS a problem. I can recall bouncing between so many industrial estates receiving nothing but rejections from local business, and in some cases being told yes as long as I pay astronomical amounts of money. It was by pure luck I happened to drive by a large estate which houses skips for rent. A brief chat with the owner and to my surprise, he was completely fine with the concept I had in mind and the timing involved.

Shooting The Film

Once we had everything we needed, it was time to start shooting. The biggest challenge during the shoot was without a doubt the weather. The day before we were to get started, horrific amounts of rain fell and absolutely saturated the entire outdoor area of the venue we were due to shoot at. The wind was strong and the mud was over a foot thick, making it almost impossible to maneuver any piece of equipment. So it was a very slow and cold shoot on that particular day. My advice to anyone considering making a short film with a character that wears a hat is to make sure it fits on tightly! I have approximately 22 outtakes of Freddy's hat flying off because of the wind. In total, this was an exhaustive three-day shoot fighting the elements, actors who cannot see properly through the masks, breaking props, rain and strong wind affecting the audio and even an angry stray dog who I managed to film and put in the movie.

A lot of the horror movies being released these days tend to disappoint me because of the recycled storytelling formulas, stereotypical characters and endless/pointless jump scares. This is different. It is raw, somewhat nasty and actually takes fans on a journey between reality and Freddy's dream world. We see Freddy getting frustrated as he starts to recognize Jason's abilities, Jason is learning quickly and in a way, it is almost becoming a game of chess between them. As a fan of both these characters, that concept is fresh and exciting to me.

The full movie is available below:

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What two horror icons would you like to see fight?


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