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Things got majorly nostalgic during Season 5 of The Walking Dead, when we were unexpectedly reintroduced to Morgan, a character we first met in the debut episode of the series.

Morgan was introduced in a special post-credit scene in Season 5 and for the remainder of the season viewers were left to ponder whether he had returned to sanity, or delved deeper into the madness he displayed when Rick, Michonne and Carl visited him in Season 3. Thankfully in Season 6 we were assured he was pretty sane.

Crazy Morgan, what a time [AMC]
Crazy Morgan, what a time [AMC]

However a commentary track featured on the soon-to-be-released Season 6 Blu-ray has revealed that Morgan almost rejoined the show earlier and at a crucial (and iconic) moment.

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During the commentary for Episode 4, "Here's Not Here" (yep, the Morgan standalone feature the late Eastman and Tabitha the goat), showrunner Scott Gimple dropped the bombshell that the original plan for Morgan was to reintroduce him in the Season 4 finale, when the group were trapped in Terminus. Gimple explained:

"At the end of 416, Rick would say, 'They’re screwing with the wrong people,' and a gentleman would come out of the shadows of the train car and he would say, 'Yeah, they are.' And that would be Lennie, as Morgan. And it looked like it almost could have happened."

Daryl, Rick and Michonne in the Season 4 finale [AMC]
Daryl, Rick and Michonne in the Season 4 finale [AMC]

Gimple then went on to explain why, as cool as it would have been, the timing didn't quite work out, and how we ended up with the Season 5 introduction we got. He said:

"... It looked like a show that Lennie was on was ending. The time was right. But Lennie had a commitment to another show, which allowed us to do something super cool, which allowed Morgan to go on a journey after this episode in Season 5 to see how he catches up to Rick and the group."

And admittedly, it was pretty cool to see Morgan's mysterious reintroduction sprinkled throughout three episodes of Season 5 before we really got to hear his story in Season 6. However, there's definitely a part of me that would have loved to see Rick and Morgan reunited in that train car and then wreck havoc on Terminus together. Though, if he were reintroduced at the end of Season 4, it might have meant we never got to meet Eastman and Tabitha, which would have been a true loss.

Tabitha we barely knew you [AMC]
Tabitha we barely knew you [AMC]

The Walking Dead Season 7 is set to debut on AMC on October 23, and the Season 6 Blu-ray will be available for purchase on August 23. Until then, take a look at some of our favorite quotes from the man with the mullet, Eugene:

Do you think it would have been better for Morgan to rejoin the group in Season 4?

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