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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Roll up, roll up and come take a dip in the lusciously rich and smolderingly beautiful Watson gene pool! As an untold number of celebrity siblings are left to cower in their famous kin’s dazzlingly gargantuan shadow year after year, things were touch-and-go for Alex from an early age. Both born in Paris to a pair of British lawyers, Emma and Alex Watson moved to the UK as young children following their parents' divorce, grew up in Oxford and attended the 'Dragon School' (no, really) before Emma was cast as everybody’s favorite frizzy haired swot. The rest, they say, is Harry Potter history.

However, that was before Alex revealed his secret genetic trump card and stepped out of the darkness into the cheekbone-enhancing light, delighting us all with his searingly sexy stare and self-depreciatory British charm. Let’s see how Alex transitioned from celebrity shadow-sibling to worthy human in his own right.

Born in 1992, Alex was blessed with good style from a young age

Here he can be seen matching three-quarter length shorts with an ironic socks and sandals ensemble and finishing the look off with a cap, worn backwards. So nineties, so three-year-old chic, so on point.

Here’s Alex making his bold debut TV interview, aged eight, at the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone premiere

While Emma takes up most of the air-time, Alex’s presence is strong, answering the question ‘Are you proud of your sister’ with a ballsy, no-frills-added affirmative ‘yes.’

He made his film debut with a cameo in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and followed it up with a second cameo in The Order of the Phoenix

In the latter he can be seen sporting a wonderfully adolescent sweep of blonde hair. Though why you’d choose to eat Cheerio’s with a breakfast spread as impressive as this before you, is beyond us.

Alex Watson in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
Alex Watson in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Puberty is difficult for us all, but Alex took it in his stride.

Deciding to show the public a different side of himself, he produced his seminal work — Gasolina — with a fellow friend. Caprice and Holly Valance posters hang in the background ageing the film to around 2002, making Alex around ten or eleven years old. If you can hold on until the one minute fifty five mark, this is when he truly comes into his own.

Over the next few years, Alex grew up to be quite a strapping young man

Here he is having physically outgrown SpongeBob as well as having sprouted quite the manly mustache.

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Fast forward to 2010, and alongside Emma, Alex is putting his good looks to good use and modeling for Burberry

Speaking about the experience to Vogue, Alex is adorably coy about the whole experience:

"I was actually shopping for a suit in Burberry to wear at one of Emma's Harry Potter premiere's when someone from the brand approached and said 'I think you should meet with Christopher [Bailey]. It was such a shock but it was a pretty good gig. Emma's been really great - we get on very well but it's good to have her there to give me tips. Her main one is to relax and don't be scared. Easier said than done though. She's just so efficient!”

His relationship with Emma wasn’t just faked for the sake of Burberry either

When asked what he would save if his house was burning, Alex told the Independent:

"I’ve not got that much important material stuff I guess. There is a painting that was done of Emma and I when we were about 8 and 10. It’s a really nice portrait done by a French lady that we knew. That has quite a lot of sentimental value, so I’d save that.”

He has also joined her on the red carpet numerous times over the years, and transformed from this:

Into this:

Their totes adorable sibling bond has even got some mega fans making their own art inspired by the brother sister pair:

Since going to Bristol University to study politics and philosophy, Alex can be seen sporting a deliciously long mohawk:

Coming into lectures looking fly in his blazer like this:

Along With Totally Mastering his philosophical thinking pose:

Giving his sister tours of his beloved University city

Emma and Alex Watson in Bristol
Emma and Alex Watson in Bristol

And Turning Up To Weddings Looking Like This:

Essentially, there is nothing not to love about Alex and his perfect, chiseled face

Alex Watson's cheeky grin is golden
Alex Watson's cheeky grin is golden

Frankly, we can’t wait to see what he decides to do next. Let’s hope it includes lots more heavenly melancholic photoshoots, and not a retrospective remake of Gasolina.

Do you think Emma and Alex might be the hottest celebrity siblings in Hollywood right now?

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