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With ever-increasing fans binge watching Stranger Things, it has become a massive phenomenon among viewers. It out-stands various other shows on Netflix with its jaw-dropping plot, mesmerizing cinematography, top-notch acting and breathtaking soundtrack, maybe even surpassing Marvel. As nostalgic as a show can be, this sci-fi mystery is extremely hard to get over.

After a perplexing eight-episode coaster ride, the season finally comes to a decent end. Although a lot of questions are left unanswered hopefully for season two, one shot at the end bemuses everything. This is the newspaper cut-out stating that Will Byers is alive. Just this two-paragraph article suggests that there's so much more to the conspiracy and raises several other questions to be answered.

The article mentions the following points that leave our minds baffled:

1. Joyce Spilled The Beans

The first head-scratching statement indicates that Joyce Byers accused Hawkins National of being part of a secret-government program.

"Byers' mother, Joyce Byers, alleges Will was the subject of a secret government program run by the Hawkins National Laboratory."

As far as I recall, Hopper instructed Joyce not to disclose anything related to the laboratory. So why'd she tell the truth? Maybe she wanted to end this nightmare for good, but she must have been aware that there would be consequences. Exposing the 'bad men' may put herself and her family in grave danger. Joyce blabbing about everything just doesn't make sense.

2. HNL And The Government

The article further goes on to say that the lab was investigated presumably by the government.

"The allegation comes amidst a massive investigation into the hidden organization and its elaborate experimentations in perusal of mind control."

But again, Hawkins National Laboratory is the property of the Department of Energy which means it's funded by the government. Moreover, the military also supports whatever mumbo jumbo was going on in HNL. So who exactly investigated the lab and revealed information about mind-control experiments? One theory is that the government itself scrutinized the institute revealing a little bit information, in order to cover up things much more confidential. For now, who can tell?

P.S.: The Department of Energy doesn't actually conduct mind-control experiments. I’m glad they made it clear!

3. Ives' Statement

"In a statement issued yesterday . . . Ives mentioned her "disgust" . . . the organization saying, "our own [Ame]rican people are being treated like . . . we should be directly our . . . to the real target, the Soviets, not . . . own daughters and sons.""

Though the paper only mentions the name Ives, we can assume it is Becky and not Terry Ives, given her condition. This statement is odd as Becky wasn't interested in Hawkins National or the secret-government program at all. It may be possible that Terry may have come out of her stupor after knowing that her daughter is in fact alive, and must have given the statement. Whatever the case, one or both of the Ives sisters are disgruntled with Hawkins National Laboratory.

4. Brenner's Alive?

Finally, the article ends saying:

"Under legal . . . Brenner has issued no comment on . . ."

This statement, to me, is the most puzzling. Is Brenner actually alive? It might be possible as there were heavily-armed soldiers surrounding him to drive the monster away. Also, Brenner stood there calmly while the monster attacked him suggesting that he knew something we don't? Or all this could just be a government cover-up as they have done things like this in the past- faking Will's death, his funeral, Barb's disappearance and whatnot.

What Does This Mean For Season Two?

This little Easter-egg means that there is a lot of mystery left to consider and the conspiracy is way bigger that we originally thought. Breaking Hopper's promise will definitely have bad influence on the Byers. It might be revealed exactly who else is involved in all of this. Terry may be reunited with her daughter (then named Jane) after all these years. And if Brenner is alive, and Hopper is working for him, it means the kids and Eleven are in more danger than ever.

What do you reckon regarding season two?