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DC’s latest spectacle of a movie disappointed many fans, though personally, I didn’t think it was that bad. While it fell short in a many aspects, there were things to like about it. That being said, after watching the movie, there was one character that I felt would have dramatically improved the quality of the film: Poison Ivy. One may argue that she was never a part of the squad, but then again, neither was Katana and Killer Croc, but they made it into the film anyway.

So what is it about that would have made her a spicy addition to the movie? Here are three ways she would have made Suicide Squad better. Warning: some spoilers ahead if you have not watched the movie, so don't read if you haven't watched.

1. Her Image As A Femme Fatale

credits: AnubisDHL (deviantart)
credits: AnubisDHL (deviantart)

A lot of people felt that Harley Quinn was over-sexualized, possibly because she was the only female VILLAIN in the group (Katana is no villain, let’s face it). If Poison Ivy was in the movie, they could have kept Harley in her original much-loved jester costume, and made Poison Ivy the hot and spicy one.

Ivy's original outfits in the comics were conservative but still much more chest-baring than , and she already had her debut on TV before in skimpier outfits. This would have made it harder for feminists to attack the filmmakers for their choice of character outfits. Before feminists attack me, I don’t think women should be sexualized, but there is nothing wrong with being sexual. Poison Ivy has always been a seductive character, so I think there isn’t anything wrong in her being dressed sexy. I would have loved to see her in the costume she had in the Batman: Arkham Knight game as pictured above.

Let’s also not forget that it’s nice to have a single, nonchalant character in the squad with no baggage and which the boys can unashamedly ogle at (*cough* Captain Boomerang *cough*). Let’s just admit it would have been way more interesting to see her throw Captain Boomerang around with her plants than to watch Katana dismiss him.

2. The Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy Love Story

The feels!
The feels!

After years of hinting at a relationship between these two strong and beautiful ladies, The Kiss ended all doubts that HQ and Ivy have a thing for each other. I know people say we should not force-feed LGBTQ elements into all movies, but sexual tension between Ivy and Harley would have been way more exciting to watch than the overly subtle tension between Deadshot and Harley.

Imagine “The Kiss” happening mid-fight scene, with Harley clearly taken aback and feeling confused because of her feelings about Mr. J and Ivy smiling triumphantly while afterward pretending like nothing happened. Picture both of them having side-by-side cells and Harley giving a conflicted glance toward Ivy when Joker whisks her away in the final act. So much more interesting, right?

3. Her Possible Contribution To The Plot

What a badass!
What a badass!

It would have been amazing to see Ivy and the Enchantress go head-to-head, pushing each other to their magical limits in a flurry of CGI-assisted action. It would have been slightly more believable if it was Ivy who pretended to be in cahoots with the enemy, because people wouldn’t put it past her. Someone like her, who is ruthless and cold, doing something for friendship would have melted so many more hearts than HQ could, as we already saw a very emotional side of Harley Quinn earlier in the movie. Also, her using her plants to squash away the heads of the weird alien-like minions would have been gruesome and awesome to watch at the same time. It would have been an incredible way to bring the movie to a climax.

Watch the birth of the plant-controlling Batman villain in the video below:

These are just few of the ways that Poison Ivy could have made Suicide Squad a way more interesting movie for all of us. Well, there is still hope for Suicide Squad 2, right? What do you think about adding Poison Ivy to the Squad, and which actress should play her?


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