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Fresh off the heels of Legendary Picture's critically acclaimed reboot in 2014, the 60 year-old Godzilla franchise is on a rampage. Despite having only 11 minutes of screen time in his latest outing, Godzilla is as popular as ever and this was more than enough reason for him to get three new movies and maybe even more in the foreseeable future.

The return of the king
The return of the king

Godzilla 2

Following the reboot's success, Legendary has been intent on getting a Godzilla sequel up and running in time for a 2019 release date. While the sequel managed to get Godzilla reboot writer Max Borenstein back in the fold, director Gareth Edwards will sadly not return due to his desire to direct smaller-scale pictures after the release of his next film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Details for Godzilla 2 are scarce, but rumors suggest the sequel could follow Edward's idea of introducing classic Godzilla foes like Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah in a monster populated island. Even without Gareth Edward's involvement, his monster battle royale pitch caught Warner Brothers' imagination and the sequel could use it as a stepping stone for the studio's bigger plans.

Godzilla monster mash: coming soon
Godzilla monster mash: coming soon

It's no secret that Legendary and Warner Bros. want to make Godzilla vs. Kong a reality, and Max Borenstein's involvement in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island gives credence to the possibility of this gigantic crossover happening in the future. Kong: Skull Island may or may not have connections to the world of Godzilla but what is sure is that its performance will determine the fate of this potential monster shared universe.

Check out the trailer for Kong: Skull Island below.

Godzilla: Resurgence

If you think fans of Godzilla were disappointed by Roland Emmerich's 1998 movie disaster, imagine how the the big scaly monster's country of origin felt.

Spoiler alert: They really hated the American Godzilla, who came to be derisively called Zilla in Japan, beginning with the 2004 film Godzilla: Final Wars.

Despite swearing off the franchise, with Godzilla: Final Wars meant to serve as Godzilla's swan song, Toho Studios was inspired to revive the series when they saw Gareth Edward's heartfelt tribute to their most famous character. Determined not to lose to the American production, Toho amassed an army of creatives who were given the task of making a new Japanese Godzilla film which has been confirmed for a 2016 release date.

Gojira is back
Gojira is back

Godzilla: Resurgence, or Shin Godzilla, will be a return to form not just for the studio but for the titular character as well since the latest Godzilla movie is in fact a reboot that will take hints from the 1954 original - not too different from Gareth Edward's movie. From a focus on the human characters to the use of rubber costumes, Shin Godzilla will bring the 60 year old franchise back to basics with a brand new origin story and more contemporary themes befitting of a new generation of Godzilla fans.

Check out the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence below.

Untitled Animated Godzilla Movie

As if a reboot wasn't enough, Toho Studios announced that Godzilla will star in another movie from the studio -- this time in animated form. No other details about the project were announced when the movie's official website went live. A few hints, however, can be lifted from the movie's first official piece of promotional art.

Image c/o Toho Studios
Image c/o Toho Studios

Based on the image above, this version of Godzilla could be set in the future or on another planet where a group of explorers discover Godzilla and maybe other giant monsters for the first time. The usual themes of man fighting nature will be sure to return, only told in a new animated and possibly futuristic style.

Godzilla is no stranger to animation as seen in Hanna-Barbara's '70s cartoon and Sony's sequel to Roland Emmerich's Godzilla movie, but the character's animated outings were seen as a part of the long-running Godzilla franchise in name only. The upcoming Godzilla animated movie on the other hand, may actually feel like a proper Godzilla story this time around thanks to Toho's direct involvement.

Yes, these really happened
Yes, these really happened

With the animated medium, Toho could be able to do things that may be deemed too expensive for live-action and special effects laden works, making the idea of an animated Godzilla movie all the more exciting for long-time fans of the undisputed king of monsters.


Which 'Godzilla' movie are you most excited for?


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