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When you play the game of Heads Up!, you win or you die.

Okay, Heads Up! might not be that extreme, but it doesn't stop Game of Thrones cast from taking it seriously while playing together. Yesterday, Eugene Simon, the actor who plays Brother Lancel, posted a video showing Septa Unella, King Tommen and the High Sparrow playing a quick round of Ellen DeGeneres's game Heads Up! on set.

Once you get past the weirdness of seeing actors in fantasy-period piece clothing playing a modern iPhone game, the post is a great reminder of how close this ensemble cast is in real life.

Whether they're attending red carpet events or enjoying the vast landscapes in which they shoot, the Game of Thrones cast gives us a fantastic example of what our squad goals should be.

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Unfortunately we'll always have to wait a little longer than usual to be reunited with the cast for Season 7. But in the meantime, we can enjoy pictures adorable pictures of the cast crossing house lines and being the best of friends:

1. They Take Great Selfies

Septa Unella looks so much nicer in real life, I can't get over it.

2. And Stage Unofficial GoT Photoshoots

Kit Harington taking pictures of Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen together? Be still my heart.

3. They Cherish Their Reunions

Can we start a petition to bring back Oberyn? Maybe Melisandre can find a way to uncrush his head.

4. They Go To Concerts

The Starks that rave together, stay together.

5. They Explore Their Musical Talents

Yes, that is Sophie Turner rapping Mickey Avalon in the background.

6. They Support Each Other

Good friends are like a bra, they always support you and keep you lifted up.

7. And Encourage One Another On Social Media

You'll be happy to know that Nikolaj has since gotten a little better at Twitter. But Lena Headey's patience with her TV brother-lover is adorable.

8. And Are There For Even The Worst Of Haircuts

Thankfully Natalie Dormer was there to keep his spirits up!

9. They Celebrate Even The Most Arbitrary Holidays On Set

Happy International Yoga Day from the cast of Game of Thrones.

10. And Even Bigger Holidays Off Set

Hopefully we'll get to see some more of this Targaryen/Greyjoy unity in Season 7.

11. They Never Hold Grudges

Even when one character smashed the other's head in like a water balloon.

12. They Swoon Over Each Other

Because how could you not swoon over Maisie Williams?

13. Basically, They Are Each Others' Biggest Fans

Jason Momoa hasn't been on the show for a while, but that doesn't stop him from showing his TV wife some love on Instagram.

14. And Why Wouldn't They Be?

We were pretty happy he was alive, too.

15. But They Can Also Laugh At Each Other

It's not easy being Hodor.

16. Mainly Because They're A Bunch Of Goofballs

They have to find some way to stay entertained between takes.

17. They Hold The Door

Is anyone else also still weeping over Hodor?

18. And Even Share Their Cake

The truest sign of friendship.

19. They Go For Occasional Cheeky Nando's

Tommen and Bran don't break bread. They break Nando's.

20. And KFC

I only wish we saw this KFC-loving side of Tommen on the show.

21. They Know When To Be Serious

Which is pretty much never.

22. Whether Traveling By Land

I'm not entirely conviced these two aren't sisters in real life.

23. Traveling By Air

Traveling with anyone can be tough, but this cast certainly knows how to make the best of things.

24. Or Traveling By Sea

A little bit of nautical nonsense never hurt anyone. Well, except for King Balon Greyjoy, who drowned in Season 6.

25. They Help Each Other Get Away From It All

Bran Stark and Tommen Lannister going camping together? I smell a spinoff series.

26. They Very Clearly Love Their Costars

Moon of my life!

27. Like A Lot

Yara Greyjoy likes riding Hodor almost as much as the ships of the Iron Islands,

28. It's Almost Too Much

In an alternate universe, Ramsay and Sansa could have been the cutest couple on Game of Thrones.

29. Aren't They Just The Cutest!

Answer: Yes.

30. Is There Room For One More In This Game Of Thrones Squad?

Given the recently released casting calls, maybe there's an open Game of Thrones role for me yet.

To see what the cast of Game of Thrones did before they became famous and joined this fantastic friend group, check out our video below:

Sorry, T-Swift, but if given the chance I'm jumping on the Game of Thrones squad — even if that does mean potentially getting my head smooshed like a little grape by The Mountain. Worth it!


If you could be friends with one Game of Thrones actor in real life, who would it be?


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