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Warning: Minor spoilers for Amazon's The Tick ahead. You know the drill.

Today marks Amazon's first foray into the world of superheroes with the debut of the pilot episode of The Tick on Amazon Instant Video. The half-hour comedy based on creator Ben Endlund's fan favorite comics follows Arthur Everest, an obsessive ex-accountant who suspects his city is controlled by an evil supervillain. As his crusade leads him towards danger, Arthur meets the titular superhero the Tick, a daring doofus who's super strong, practically unkillable and wants Arthur's help to wipe out the city's criminal element.

Amazon's The Tick is receiving pretty solid reviews from critics, who appreciate the show's humorous tone following a glut of overly serious superhero stories. Even better, the pilot does a great job of establishing its comedic cast while planting the seeds for a bigger mystery we're eager to see unfold in the future. To celebrate the pilot's premiere, we're taking a closer look at the colorful cast of The Tick to help you get familiar with Amazon's latest heroes and villains.

Peter Serafinowicz As The Tick

Don't be alarmed, it's just the Tick.
Don't be alarmed, it's just the Tick.

The show would be nothing without its eponymous superhero, and thankfully the Tick really shines in the pilot episode. He's big, he's strong and he's a total idiot, but it's obvious that he's firmly dedicated to protecting his city. The Tick has some of the funniest lines in the pilot, and his visit to Arthur's "secret headquarters" serves as both a hilarious scene and an important dramatic turning point.

Of course, we wouldn't have the hilarious Tick without actor Peter Serafinowicz, who brings the foolish hero to life. Fans will recognize him as Denarian Garthan Saal from Guardians of the Galaxy — the Nova Corps officer who sent the Guardians off to prison. He brought a major dose of dry comedy to the role, skills gained through a slew of comedic roles including scene-stealing appearances on Parks and Recreation as Lord Edgar Covington and voice acting parts on TripTank, Axe Cop and FX fan favorite Archer. Oh, he also starred in his own sketch show, suitably dubbed The Peter Serafinowicz Show, for the BBC, so he knows a thing or two about being funny. The Tick is poised to be the show's major source of laughs, and luckily Serafinowicz is more than ready for the challenge.

Griffin Newman As Arthur Everest

Arthur monitoring some criminal activity.
Arthur monitoring some criminal activity.

The Tick may be the show's title character, but it's Arthur who really drives the story. The ex-accountant leads a pretty lonely life, driven by a childhood tragedy to prove that the supposedly dead villain the Terror is actually alive and controlling his crime-riddled city. Naturally, Arthur's crusade draws him to the Tick, and by the end of the pilot it looks like we'll see them come hand-in-hand as hero and sidekick.

Actor/comedian Griffin Newman stars as the obsessive protagonist. Newman's a fresh face for most, though TV credits that have included supporting roles on HBO's Vinyl and USA's mini-series Political Animals as well as a starring role on comedian Colin Quinn's web-series Cop Show. He's probably better known as a comedian, with a wealth of stand-up experience that includes performances at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. For a taste of that comedy style, consider checking out his podcast Blank Check with Griffin & David — a show cohosted by film critic David Sims that features hilariously in-depth film analyses.

Jackie Earle Haley As The Terror

The Terror is one ugly dude.
The Terror is one ugly dude.

Jackie Earle Haley is easily the biggest star in the show, taking on the evil role of the Terror. The villain only appears in one scene during the pilot, a flashback where he proves how deadly he is by killing all of the city's superheroes in one fell swoop.

Haley's appearance in the pilot is small, though there's little doubt he'll appear more frequently assuming the show is picked-up to series. Of course, this isn't Haley's first trip into the world of heroes — many will remember his spot-on portrayal of Rorschach in director Zack Snyder's Watchmen. The actor proved he could be seriously menacing in that role, and we suspect further appearances as the Terror will play up the menace with a good dose of satire.

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Brendan Hines As Superian

Superian mugs for the camera during a TV interview.
Superian mugs for the camera during a TV interview.

Every superhero story needs its Superman, and thankfully Brendan Hines fills that role as Superian. As we learn in the pilot, he's an alien who landed on Earth in 1908, deciding to adopt the planet as his home and become the world's first superhero. He's also the hero who killed the Terror in battle, though Arthur believes the story to be false.

Hines has proved himself a reliable talent in the TV world, with a string of supporting roles on shows including Scorpion, Suits, and Scandal. Though he only appears briefly in the pilot, Superian's obviously planted here as a tie to the show's bigger mystery, meaning the role could be a big spotlight for Hines.

Valorie Curry As Dot Everest

Dot on the phone with Arthur once again.
Dot on the phone with Arthur once again.

Arthur's sister Dot is a voice of reason for the would-be hero, one whose job as an EMT is likely to put her at odds with her brother's vigilantism moving forward. After watching this episode, it's clear Dot cares a lot about her brother, and has really tried to help him deal with his neuroses.

Valorie Curry brings Dot to life in the pilot, following up major roles on Fox's The Following and Showtime's House of Lies. She's also set to break big with a starring role in the upcoming Blair Witch. Positive buzz for The Tick and Blair Witch could turn Curry into a top talent.

Yara Martinez As Ms. Lint

Ms. Lint alongside her trusty henchmen.
Ms. Lint alongside her trusty henchmen.

Though she only appears briefly in the pilot, it's obvious Ms. Lint is up to no good. We see her run a weapons smuggling operation that's literally exploded by the Tick, with an appearance later to track down Arthur's apartment. She also has a weird scarred eye and only wears black, meaning she's definitely a supervillain.

Yara Martinez brings the mysterious evildoer to life, a big change of pace for a performer known for lighter roles on shows like Amazon political satire Alpha House and Jane the Virgin. Much like Superian, Ms. Lint seems planted her as another tie to the bigger mystery. Arthur thinks she's an agent of the Terror, and if he can get to Lint then he'll be another step closer to the megavillain.

Of course, this isn't the Tick's first foray into live-action:

Amazon's The Tick has some big shoes to fill, serving as the second live-action adaptation of the comic books following Fox's beloved — but short-lived — 2001 show. But its shifted focus on Arthur's journey as opposed to the Tick should serve the series well, giving audiences an original take on the property with an everyman protagonist they can really identify with. He'll have to contend with some tough villains along the way, but there's little doubt that the Tick will help Arthur unleash his true potential, becoming a superhero along the way.

You can watch the pilot episode of The Tick on Amazon Instant Video now. Do you want to see more episodes of the series? Let us know in the comments.


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