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The production for Sense8's much anticipated Season 2 is well underway, but lately there have been some disturbing rumors that the show might get canceled before the second season airs next year. The Netflix original series has faced some hard times during the hiatus after the first season, with Aml Ameen's Capheus being recast and one of the Wachowiski sisters leaving the production, but a cancellation hadn't crossed anyone's minds - until now.

Sense8 Season 2 Filming (Netflix)
Sense8 Season 2 Filming (Netflix)

According to Australia Network News, the cancellation rumors have come about because of the casting of Bollywood actor Sikander Kher. ANN claims that the star - who's set to play a villain in Sense8 Season 2- has demanded a lot more from Netflix than the company initially anticipated. This curveball- among other unexpected budgetary demands- may mean Netflix will have to wrap filming on Sense8 early. However, it seems most major news outlets are steering clear of this rumor, so it should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

If Sense8's official social media accounts serve as any indication, it would seem that a cancellation is far from happening. Back on August 8, all the Sensates - the lead characters that share a psychic bond - celebrated their fictional birthday, as per usual, with a video for the fans uploaded to the Netflix Instagram.

Plus, photos of filming that took place last May in São Paulo have just been uploaded onto the Sense8 official Instagram account.

Amidst all this speculation, there are a couple of things fans can count on if Season 2 of Sense8 premieres. The main novelty will be Toby Onwumere taking over the role of the Sensate Capheus. The other is that Kala and Wolfgang's love story will face some turmoil, as Rajan will continue to vie for Kala's attention, but Wolfgang and Rajan won't be the only ones. And that's exactly where Kher's new villain comes in; he'll be playing Kala's unrequited love interest, who turns nasty when she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.

Wolfgang and Kala (Netflix)
Wolfgang and Kala (Netflix)

It's important that fans remember that the cancellation rumor is just that- a rumor. There are many reasons for the rumor mill to start running wild, and it may just be that producing Sense8 - which is filmed in many different countries - is costing too much money for Netflix. If so, it would explain why a supporting actor's demands would take the fault for a yet-to-be-confirmed cancellation. The fact remains that Jamie Clayton's tweet from April seems to be the only reliable information about Sense8's Season 2.

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What do you Sensies think? Any chance this sad rumor is true? Sound off in the comments below.

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