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When it comes to Marvel's lineup of movies I think it's safe to say that the Thor movies are the weakest. With Thor and Thor: The Dark World not doing that well at the box office, you can imagine why some,if not most, people would be hesitant to jump aboard his third movie. Well, in this article I'll be telling you why this will be one of Marvel's best films:

3. Asgard

One of the main problems I think people had with the previous Thor movies is that there were too many Earth tie-ins. Most Marvel films take place on Earth, so when we get a character like Thor — who is from a completely different world and most of the movie isn't based around that world — it causes problems for some people. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that most of the movie will indeed take place on Asgard and possibly other unearthly places that we have no idea about! Niðavellir (home of the dwarfs) perhaps?

2. A New And More Powerful Villain

Reportedly the new villain will be Surtur! A demon with more power than Ultron, Loki, and even Thor himself. He has superhuman strength, fire and heat manipulation, and even molecular manipulation — all of the things to easily take down Thor and possibly the Hulk. Not to mention he is usually around 1,000 ft tall!

1. Thor Vs. Hulk

And finally we have the epic Thor vs. Hulk battle! We've seen this before in The Avengers but it didn't last very long. To know that we will finally be getting a full fight with these two should get everyone pumped! It could easily go either way. In some comics the Hulk wins and in others Thor might win, so it's kind of hard to tell who will come out on top. Without a doubt will be one of Marvel's best fights though!

Revisit the first battle between these two titans in the video below and how it could be made even more badass in Thor: Ragnarok

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