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With the massive success of Ant Man and CA:Civil War, we are now well and truly under way with Marvel's Phase 3. So much so that Lord Feige and friends are already planning pre-production and release dates for early Phase 4. Before the MCU kicks the cosmic/supernatural gear up another level with the likes of - Doctor Strange (2016), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Thor Ragnarok (2017), Infinity War (2018) - we should take a step back and figure out who the major power players are in this ever growing universe.

Unfortunately none of the avengers made this list. Simply put, they weren't powerful enough. When making the list it became quickly apparent that each one of them would get b***h slapped by the real top 5.

The 5 Most Powerful Characters In The MCU

5 - Ronan (Power Gem)

All the guy needs to do to destroy a planet is touch it. Touch it. Unlike Vision's mind gem, the gem Ronan possessed harness all potential power that has or will ever exist. But unlike Malekith and Vision, his body was unable to control the gem and therefore was forced to fit it in his hammer. Once realising his potential, he fancied himself in the same league as Thanos and openly opposed him.

Marvel has been getting a bad wrap recently for killing off their protagonists in their movies. In this case, however, I'm glad he's dead. I think I'm not alone when saying that all the infinity stones in the universe wouldn't stop Ronan being a cliche villain. Though I wouldn't say it to his face.

4 - Malakith (Reality Gem)

This Gem is described by many as the most powerful of all the infinity gems. Whilst possessing it, Malekith had the potential to warp anything he wished with its immeasurable power. In Thor: The Dark World (2013), he attempted to return the universe to a state of darkness in one single swipe.
Ultimately however, his downfall was a force that even Malekith himself was powerless to defend against. Piss-poor writing. The screenwriters clearly wrote themselves into a corner and were like "um, let's get Thor to hit him like really hard this time". Realistically, Malakith should have stomped Thor in that London fight. Which worryingly highlights the lack of inventiveness in the writing team with in some of Marvel's lesser MCU franchises.

3 - Thanos

Actor Josh Brolin concept as Thanos -Infinity War
Actor Josh Brolin concept as Thanos -Infinity War

Even without his infamous infinity gauntlet, the mad titan would easily dispatch any of the MCU villains we have seen thus far in the saga. In the source material, he was able to get the gems by defeating the people who were previously wielding them. In the comics he even was able to go toe-to-toe with a power gem wielding Thor. Remember in GotG, before Ronan got the power gem he was just a Kree. Not much physically stronger than a human. With the gem, he would have wiped out a planet simply by touching it. Now try to imagine how immensely powerful Thor would be with the same gem....and Thanos was able to match that power.

His power isn't necessarily what makes him the Avengers greatest foe, it's his relentless attitude to please his beloved, Death. This drives him to kill and mutilate all he crosses paths with in her name. Due to constant cold-shouldering from his beloved, he searches out for the 6 infinity gems. Planning to assemble them into his infamous "infinity" gauntlet so as to possess complete omnipotence. Long story short, Thanos got friendzoned and the whole MCU is a love story to win her back. Personally I hope Thanos does get the girl in the end and those Avenger bullies don't get in his way. True love shall prevail!

2 - Celestials

As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Call this a cheat-card all you want but GotG have introduced this cosmic race of super beings twice. Therefore we know the Celestials are known to exist (or at least did exist) in the MCU. The more obvious of the two, was the cosmic mining colony, Knowhere. The whole celestial body of Knowhere is actually the severed head of a long dead Celestial.

The less obvious of the two mentions was when the collector showed Peter Quill and friends a video recording of a Celestial, known as "Eson the Searcher", harnessing an (unidentified) infinity stone. It was revealed that the celestials are the original owners of the Infinity stones. It should be noted anybody not familiar with them from the comics, that an average celestial would be in the same league as Odin, and Thanos. Much more powerful than any villain the MCU has produced so far.
Time 2:20+

Basically, the Guardians were being showed videos of Celestials, while being inside the skull of an actual celestial. Kind of f****d up. I must add that the number 2 spot on this list is for a typical Celestial. The strongest of the celestials would be far more powerful than even number 1.

Want to know more about the Celestials? See here

Just like Odin's treasure room teasing Doctor Strange and Thanos, it's entirely possible that post-Phase 3 the Celestials will have an appearance. My bet is they will be involved somehow with the Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain Marvel to some degree.


Here we are!

The most powerful character so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is........

1 - Odin

Put down your torches and pitchforks, like I'd not put Odin on this list. If, like me you've read up on the source material of Odin then this was truly a no brainer. He is the only non-badguy on my top 5 list, and we should thank all nine realms that he isn't. Having said that, just like Galactus he rarely gives two f**ks about lesser beings. To be honest, if you were as OP as he is, then you would likely think the same.
He has humiliated Thanos in combat, scared the cosmic shit out of Silver Surfer and has knocked out Galactus with a headbut. Out of sheer lack of being able to justify how much more powerful Odin is compared to everyone else on this list, I had to turn to the dark side of article writing and use another writer's description.

Odin is at the absolute pinnacle of the power levels in Marvel Comics that fall just beneath the abstract cosmic entities that start off with characters like Galactus and, ultimately, reach likes of the One Above All (God). - Credit to Source

Any Likely Additions in the future?

Mephisto or Dormammu
Doctor Stephen Strange alone would be a contender for an honourable mention. But many of his greatest foes are strong enough to contend for a top 5 spot. Most notably Mephisto and Dormammu.

Queen of asgardian 'Hel'. The queen of the underworld and one of the most powerful (and twisted) characters in Thors comic arsenal. This character is due to be the main villain in the upcoming blockbuster Thor Ragnarok (2017). If you wish to find out more about Hela click here. If powerful enough, she may crack the lower top 5.

The fire demon is expected to appear in Thor: Ragnarok (2017). I'm not going to give spoilers for anything regarding this character. Just know he would make Odin sweat a bit. If you want to read up on him click here. If the MCU are faithful to the source material, Surtur should be greater in power than Thanos and somewhat as powerful as an average-Celestial / Odin.

Honourable Mentions

The guy literally bitch slapped Thor's hammer. Mid-stride. With little effort. Into a mountain. Keeping in mind that in Avengers (2012) Hulk got flung across a hanger-bay when he tried to catch it. Then still couldn't move it when trying to deadlift it. By that logic, there is more force in the back of Kurse's hand than there is in every muscle in Hulk. That's scary.

Adamantium Ultron
I'm not going to lie I was quite disappointed in Ultrons abilities. The plot of dropping a floating island to destroy the world was very 90s James Bond. Having said that he was still very powerful and it had taken the combined might of all the avengers to finally put him down. None the less he still deserved an honourable mention.

The following Avengers - Hulk, Vision, Scarlet Witch and Thor
The big guns of the avengers. We could howl under the moon for hours which is the most powerful of the four, but either way they wouldn't put up much of a fight against the other honourable mentions, never mind the top 5. Doctor Strange will likely contribute to the honourable mentions section once his abilities are on display in the coming movie this year.

Peter Quill (Power Gem)
You can make the argument that this was all the Guardians. None the less during this quick moment when he snatched the gem right under Ronan's nose, Quill became the most powerful protagonists so far in the MCU. Even though it was brief.

Final Word...

I wanted to make this a top 10 list, but because of the lack of people on the top 5s level I didn't feel the list would be even and fair. By the time phase 3 comes to a close, however, there will be plenty of characters of that tier flying about. When that day comes, I'll make a full top 10 list for you all :)

Have a nice day!


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