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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 2, Episode 8 of Fear The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen it yet then stop reading now.

Fear The Walking Dead returned on Sunday, beginning the remainder of its second season, and it didn't disappoint. Yes, it's true that it was rather slow-paced, but since when did that become a bad thing? There were no explosions, but that didn't stop the shocks and more importantly the harsh reality that this is the world the characters live in now. Frank Dillane did a wonderful job in the first Nick-centric episode that saw the young man fight for survival without the safety net of his family. Let's take a look at the five moments that shocked the most.

1. Nick Gets Attacked

It's been a tough day for Nick.
It's been a tough day for Nick.

Nick had a rough journey out on his own, getting attacked not once but twice. On the way to his destination he stopped off, when darkness fell, at a seemingly abandoned house. He started a fire and began to warm himself up. After drifting off to sleep he was attacked by an erratic woman who feared for her life — Nick was covered in blood and resembled a walker.

However, the woman wouldn't let Nick get his belongings and proceeded to hit him several times with a baseball bat, drawing blood. Nick was forced to retreat without his belongings and struggled to survive in the heat without food and water.

2. Nick Gets Attacked Again

Nick isn't having much luck.
Nick isn't having much luck.

Nick wasn't having a great day but the most brutal attack of all had yet to come. Nick found an old vehicle and drifted off to sleep by its side. The next day he awoke to find himself confronted by two ferocious dogs who began growling at him. Nick grabbed a rock and attempted to hit the dogs, but one of them bit his leg, injuring him severely.

Believe it or not, Nick was rescued by a herd of walkers who heard the barks of the dogs. The dogs attacked the walkers and unfortunately became zombie food while Nick hid out on the roof of the vehicle.

3. Nick Resorts To Desperate Measures

Struggling to survive.
Struggling to survive.

After the walkers came to Nick's rescue, Nick almost became their next meal as the herd of walkers approached the vehicle. Thankfully, a horn sound from afar attracted the walkers away from Nick. Nick, who had been struggling for food and water, decided that desperate times call for desperate measures, so he ran over to the dead mutilated dogs and began to eat from their remains.

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It was disgusting yet understandable. The day before, Nick had tried to eat plants but couldn't keep any of it down. He even resorted to drinking his own urine in order to stay alive. The dead dog may not have been the best idea, but it was the only option he had because if he had went much longer without food he would've died.

4. Nick's Backstory

Although we've gotten to know Nick as an individual over the past two seasons, we finally got a glimpse of what he was like before the apocalypse and the change is extraordinary. Nick was a drug addict, we already know this, but the change in personalities between then and now is astounding. During the flashbacks, Nick found out that his father had died and he seemed rather cold and disconnected. Moreover, we were also transported back to moments before the beginning of the pilot episode — before the young girl is dead. Nick and this girl seemed very close, so finding her as a walker is arguably one of the reasons that he's so hellbent on seeing the dead as more than just monsters.

It's interesting to see the comparison — now Nick is the one on control of everything. Nick is the one who is most comfortable in this new world and one could argue that he has never been more at home than he is in this world.

5. The Walking Dead

Among friends — Nick walks with the dead.
Among friends — Nick walks with the dead.

In an attempt to blend in, Nick once again covered himself in the blood and guts of dead walkers and in a rather surreal scene, he walked among the dead. As the herd of walkers roamed the main road, Nick remained in the middle and the walkers never knew. It's rather alarming that Nick is so at home surrounded by the dead, but as Celia said earlier in the season, he seems to be "enlightened."

As Nick began to struggle to stay up, he resembled the walkers more than ever. Perhaps this will be the realization that Nick needs — in order to survive, he must surround himself with the living, not the dead.

It was an emotionally charged instalment as we finally got to see what living in such an environment can do to a person. Nick experienced every emotion humanly possible in "Grotesque" but now that he has arrived at his destination, the story is only just beginning. Fear The Walking Dead is back and it's going to be one hell of a season for everyone involved.

What was your favorite moment from the mid-season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead? Tell me in the comment section below.


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