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In The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore has always been the "bad" brother — the one that makes impulsive decisions without a care in the world. Damon has become the antihero we love and cheer for, especially when he speaks his mind regardless of the consequences. Throughout The Vampire Diaries' seven seasons, Damon has amassed quite the collection of sharp-tongue comebacks, directed not only at his enemies, but also at his dear friends.

Not one to be left speechless, Damon has a reply to every snarky comment, making him the best source to draw from in those moments when you don't know what to say. Here are 15 of his best remarks - in gif form, nonetheless - to get you started in the art of having the last word.

1. When people overuse their newly learned 'word of the day'

2. When you get into a "which is the best vampire series" argument with a Twilight fan

3. When people don't understand geek is cool

4. When you know the location of a very rare Pokemon

5. When you try to help your friend make a hard choice

6. When your friends try to persuade you to be nicer to people

7. When you've had a terrible day and don't wanna talk about it

8. When a former flame crosses your path while you're single...

9. When your friends mock your love of vampires

10. When people question why you don't do second dates

11. When you finally embrace your cynicism

12. When you realize Murphy was darn right

13. When you voice an idea, and everyone actually agrees with you for once:

14. After the tenth time a friend tells you something endearing about her beau

15. Every time we cheer for a Stark in Game of Thrones

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Whether you're a ray of sunshine or have given up on having social life all together, there's definitely a Damon Salvatore quote to help you get through your day. I'm telling you, 'Damon Salvatore's Life Lessons' should be a book!

What's your favorite Damon quote? Is it a sassy or an emotional one? Let me know in the comments!


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