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On August 19, 2016, the world lost another great talent when Jack Riley passed away at the age of 80, after a battle with pneumonia. While older generations will remember him in the role of Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show, in more recent times, he was best known as the voice of Stu Pickles in Rugrats, and it's spin-off show, All Grown Up.

In memory of Jack, let's take a look back at some of Stu's most memorable moments:

1. The Puppet Show, 'Tommy's First Birthday,' S01 E01.

In the very first episode of Rugrats, Stu volunteers himself and his older brother Drew to perform the puppet show for Tommy's birthday party after the award-winning puppeteers fail to show up. It does not go well, as the brothers end up reliving childhood trauma through the puppets.

2. In The Therapist's Chair, 'Momma Trauma,' S01 E07

The visit to the psychiatrist was supposed to be for Tommy, but Stu turned out to be the one who really needed help.

3. Back In Diapers, 'Regarding Stuie,' S02 E06

After a nasty fall from the roof, Stu briefly reverts to his infant self, Stuie. Touchingly, Stuie willingly gives up his second childhood to save Tommy the heartache of losing his Daddy.

Props to Jack Riley for this one, he pulls off the baby voice well.

4. Panic On The High Dive, 'The Big Flush,' S02 E22

Stu screams and freezes up at the top of the local swimming pool's high dive. He eventually overcomes his fear, making the jump just in time to save Tommy from falling into the water.

5. Tarzan, King Of The Jungle, 'Party Animals,' S02 E26

After Drew locks him outside during a costume party, Stu gets himself in a spot of trouble after the police spot him climbing a drain pipe dressed as Tarzan.

6. Chocolate Pudding, 'Angelica Breaks A Leg,' S03 E07

Possibly the most iconic moment in all Rugrats history, it will always be remembered for the many memes and Youtube Poop videos it has spawned. Stu's scream at the end of the scene is unforgettable.

7. Snow Day, 'The Blizzard,' S03 E12

Stu was always in touch with his inner child.

7. Responsibility, The Rugrats Movie

In a touching scene, Stu teaches Tommy about his responsibilities towards his new baby brother, Dil.

8. Dactar, The Rugrats Movie

When a series of mishaps leads to the babies becoming lost in the woods, Stu dusts off one of his old inventions in the hope of spotting them from the air.

9. Captain Stu, Rugrats Go Wild

Stu finds himself in quite a bit of trouble when he trades away everyone's tickets for the luxurious Lipschitz Cruise in exchange for the rental of a rather shabby-looking boat, the S.S. Nancy.

10. Stu Saves The Day, Rugrats Go Wild

Stu redeems himself for the S.S. Nancy disaster after building a coconut radio that can contact the submarine that the babies and Nigel Thornberry have become trapped in. Stu also thinks quickly to form a plan to retrieve them.

Relive the magic of the Rugrats theme song one more time below:

Rest in peace, Jack Riley. We will always remember the chocolate pudding.


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