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With The Flash time travelling and hopping between alternate-universes and saving his mother from the last season from the Reverse Flash resulting in 'Flashpoint' which is also the title of the first episode on The Flash season 3.And the book on the same name written by genius comic book writer Geoff Johns and illustrated by the cool artist Andy Kubert. In 'Flashpoint' Barry has no powers he's friends don't recognise him and the world is danger.

And with the new cast additions we got the Harry Potter star Tom Felton joining the TV series and he has a mysterious role because he's result of 'Flashpoint' playing Julian Dorn a forensic scientist who"suspects Barry and figures his own secret".But just like in the comics'Flashpoint' had effects we're wondering if the TV show will follow that route or not.

Well we have an answer

This is what CW president Mark Pedowitz said during Televison Critics Association:

"bleeds over to every DC show"

Now let's think how will it affect other DC TV shows starting with:



This show should have some 'impact' on Arrow because it should affect some major characters like Thea, Diggle and Felicity. Diggle should be mostly affected by it too because when The Flash time travelled travelled in season 1 people were not acting like themselves so who knows how it will affect Felicity.Maybe Olicity ends up being a thing? Diggle quits Team Arrow.Who knows?

“Some impact, but you’ll have to tune in to actually see what it is. It’s been out there and discussed. I will say that it will have a big impact on the characters that it does have an impact on.”

Legends of Tommorow

Legends of Tommorow Credit: CW
Legends of Tommorow Credit: CW

This one is a bit tricky since this is a time-travelling superhero show and they mess up time all the time(sorry for the bad pun) and messing with time as The Flash told us that 'if you mess with time it will mess with you." Maybe the threat in Legends of Tommorow season 2 is a result of that?Also when they fought Vandal Savage does that mean that he's alive? Also Legends of Tommorow turn against Barry for ruining the timeline. That's possible.


Supergirl Credit:CBS
Supergirl Credit:CBS

Just like what happend in the comics when The Flash travelled in 'Flashpoint' to undo his actions he merged three earths which was Verigo and there were two others resulting in The New 52 which was rebooted.Since Supergirl is one different Earth lets say Earth-0? Perhaps that is what could could explain the move from CBS to the CW.Being part of the Arrowverse is now the result.It makes sense.

The Rogues could be the result of Flashpoint

Flash's rogues gallery Credit:DC Comics
Flash's rogues gallery Credit:DC Comics

The actual rogues in the TV show were Captain Cold and Heatwave,Golden Glider with new casting additions like Grey Damon as the Mirror Master and Asley Richards cast as The Top . And with Wentworth Miller coming to The Flash season 3 to join Mirror Master Since,the result of 'Flashpoint' would mean that we have an orignal lineup just like in the comics.And Joey King cast as Magenta.That mean it's all the result of Barry's actions.Whether Magneta is a hero or a villain remains to be seen.

We do know that it won't last all season but there will be 'consequences'.And these could be the ones.


Which DC TV show will be most affected by Flashpoint?


How will Flashpoint affect other DC TV shows?Let us know in the comments!


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