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Hello! Ezra Miller's introduction to the DCCU started with a quick cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and came back in a flash for another cameo in Suicide Squad. Miller's comedic take on The Flash is a great fit for the DCCU, and I'm looking forward to seeing him portray the Scarlet Speedster in not only Justice League, but later on in his own film and hopefully in other films. While it's confirmed right now that fellow Justice League member Cyborg is to pop up alongside him in the film, a question on everyone's mind is who's going to be the villain or villains that The Flash and Cyborg may fight. So, let's get started!

Warning: spoilers from Suicide Squad will be mentioned......

1.) Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney was an excellent Captain Boomerang and his portrayal as the character was great. His performance throughout the film made me want the unicorn-loving Aussie to appear in more DCCU films. Anyways, it's revealed in the film during his introduction that while on a bank heist, he kills his partner with his trademark boomerang only to be put in prison by none other than The Flash. And with him being locked up back in Belle Reve at the end of the film, it'd be cool to see him break out and fight The Flash only to be defeated once again.

2.) Trickster

Yes, The Trickster truly is one crazy adversary for The Flash. With Mark Hamill first portraying the role in the 1990's series The Flash and again reprising the role in 2015's The Flash, then having Mark Hamill's character's son taking on the role of The Trickster. It would probably make sense if The Trickster would be more of a secondary villain in the film rather than the main villain. The New 52 outfit would go great in a live-action movie. I'd like to see Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds to portray The Trickster.

3.) Captain Cold

Known as one of the the most well-known Flash villains, Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold, could be the main villain of the film. He could be the main villain, but I've got money on another classic Flash villain, maybe Snart again would be more of a side villain. The classic outfit I wouldn't mind, but I'm between that outfit and the New 52 outfit. Leonard is already set to show up on The Flash. However, I'd like to see Wentworth Miller reprise his role from the TV series.

4.) Reverse Flash

The Reverse Flash is perhaps the most known Flash villain that most likely will indeed be set as the main bad guy of the film. Eobard Thawne was a fan of The Flash who lived in the 25th century and became desperate to meet his idol. After gaining super-speed by replicating the electrochemical bath that gave Barry Allen his powers (losing years of his life in the process), and even undergoing surgery to make himself look like his idol, he traveled back in time using the Cosmic Treadmill to meet his hero. I've seen fan art of Matthew McConaughey as Reverse Flash, and I feel he would be an okay choice if they made the character as more of an aged Reverse Flash to rival the much younger Flash.

5.) Killer Frost

If Killer Frost does appear in The Flash's solo film, please bring in Danielle Panabaker. Her performance was amazing and I literally want more. For all I care, list her as a potential candidate for a certain team. Frost could be a secondary villain that if used right, she'll be amazing . Just don't make her like an Enchantress or an Incubus please. I want a good villain, not an awful one.

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