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Vampires are a big draw on television. The Vampire Diaries is entering its 8th and final season while The Originals is heading into its fourth. Even the big screen embraces the undead. The newest big vampire movie may just be the reboot of Anne Rice's popular Interview with a Vampire. As of May 2016, the film was moving forward with some discussions already taking place as to who would play the title character of Lestat. And let's not forget Lost Boys that is heading down the reboot alley as well. With The Vampire Diaries ending, viewers need another show to get their vampire fix. The creepy but popular Volturi from the Twilight franchise could be an option.

The minute you say Twilight, a maelstrom of emotions is unleashed from fans who loved it or viewers who mock it. Either way, it was a massive money-maker, and producers would be foolish not to consider this as a viable option to fill the empty spot left over when The Vampire Diaries wraps its final season. We already know what the Volturi are (the enforcers of vampire law, lead by the trio of Aro, Caius, and Marcus) but they, like all creatures of the night, have a backstory. That's where the possibilities are endless.

The Backstory of Aro, Caius, and Marcus

Aro is leader of the Volturi, but how did he rise to a position of such power? How was he chosen, and how did he gain his power of tactile telepathy? Aro's life story, along with tales of his deception and cunning, would be riveting, especially if the right actor was found to carry on Michael Sheen's creepily clever demeanor in the film series. A Volturi television series would have a darkness not found on television today, simply because of Aro.

Marcus comes across as apathetic in the movies, but the loss of his mate, Didyme (who also happened to be Aro's sister), transformed him. What we he like before the death of his beloved? Was he as cunning as Aro? Did he want to join the Volturi? The story lines are endless!

Then there's Caius, easily the most evil of the three. Caius is famous for his lack of empathy and ruthless nature. In the books, he was born before Aro which, again, begs the question: how did Aro become the leader? Was there a battle? And what made Caius so brutal?

Take a look at some more interesting information about the Volturi and Vampires:

The Volturi Wives

Introducing a series with three vampires having wives who are devoted to them could introduce aspects other shows have not. Aro's mate was created -- specifically chosen by him to join his life. All of these vampire women are complacent due to the influence of a vampire with contentment abilities. But that opens to the door to endless possibilities. What would happen if the wives were freed from their hold? Would they stay with their husbands, or would they revolt to start a coven of their own? While Marcus' wife is dead in the movies, the television series has the opportunity to go back in time, to give viewers a look into the lives of vampires who rise to ultimate power with their wives at their sides.

The Rise to Power

At one point, members of the Volturi were in separate covens. How they came to be the greatest power over all vampires would make for fascinating episodes. There would be brutal fights, deception, betrayal, and heartbreak, which makes me think this would probably belong on a cable channel. Nevertheless, it would be phenomenal to see how the Volturi came to be in control. This wouldn't be a show about love and romance as much as it would be determination and the battle for supremacy.

The Volturi, as written by Stephanie Meyer, have a rich history, but one that was only touched on in the movies. With a television series, writers could bring viewers into the past, introduce them to the vampires behind the cruel demand for subservience, and create an entire fantasy world, the surface of which has only been skimmed.

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