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The Season 2 finale of The Flash saw two very important events happen, both of which will affect the course of Season 3: Barry Allen's trip back in time to save his mother, and Zoom / Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears) becoming disfigured before he was carried off by the Time Wraiths.

We already know that Barry Allen's altering of events in the past will initiate the Flashpoint universe event in which the world will be turned upside down during Season 3. But as to how Zoom being carted off by the Time Wraiths will play into it is unknown at the moment.

However, the last scenes of the Season 2 finale could determine how Zoom will resurface.

During that scene, Zoom wasn't merely taken away. The Time Wraiths practically drained the life-force out of him, leaving him a husk of his former self. That event didn't end Zoom's life, but his new mangled appearance is identical to that of Black Flash in DC Comics.

Appearances aside, there was no direct indication of Zoom becoming Black Flash during the Season 2 finale, aside from the mere speculation of some keen-eyed viewers ... until now.

Executive Producer Andrew Kriesberg hinted to Entertainment Weekly that Teddy Sears will portray Black Flash, possibly in Season 3.

When asked by EW, Kreisberg also confirmed that there was a specific purpose for the distortion of Zoom's appearance during the last minutes of the Season 2 finale:

Are we going to see Black Flash on The Flash in season 3? — Peter
Potentially. “Obviously we did that on purpose,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “We love working with Teddy [Sears]. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person, and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can't keep a good Black Flash down, so I'm sure we'll be seeing him in the future.”

He didn't elaborate any further, but those two comments are enough to confirm the previous speculation. Although Kreisberg didn't shed any light on "when" or "how" Black Flash would make his way onto The Flash, we simply need to go over the DC Comics origin of Black Flash in order to find out how Teddy Sears could depict Black Flash in the upcoming season of The Flash...

In DC Comics, Black Flash is the personification of death, a herald of doom for speedsters.

When a speedster outlives (or uses time to manipulate) his natural lifespan, the incarnation of death known as the Black Flash is called upon to remove said speedster from the timeline altogether. In doing so, Black Flash removes any possibility of damage being caused by such manipulation.

The comic book origins of Black Flash will likely play a role in the on-screen portrayal of the character. Barry will eventually have to set the timeline right and watch his mother die in front of him once again, but that won't be enough penance to atone for the mistake of manipulating time.

The Time Wraiths won't be too happy with Barry Allen, regardless of his intent to correct the error in the timeline, which is where Black Flash could make his first appearance -- as the herald who calls upon Barry Allen to answer for his crimes against the Speed Force nexus.

Teddy Sears' return as Black Flash will probably happen during the back half of Season 3.

Taking into account the inevitability of Barry Allen correcting the timeline, it's likely that Black Flash will appear after the Flashpoint universe arc has concluded.

When Barry Allen / Flash puts the timeline back on course, the event will likely set off a chain reaction that will see Black Flash (Teddy Sears) call on Barry Allen to return with him to the Speed-Force Nexus in order to be judged for manipulating time.

Barry might not be too comfortable accompanying Black Flash into the Speed Force nexus. For all he knows, Black Flash could be setting him up to take his speed once again. Regardless of the circumstances, their next encounter will undoubtedly result in a physical altercation.

An inevitable conflict is waiting to ensue between the two.

Their confrontation may result in another season-long race to determine who is the better speedster, or Black Flash's appearances in Season 3 may be limited. He could show up at unexpected times, trying to drag Barry Allen into the Speed Force nexus.

Either way, Kreisberg's brief comments have basically confirmed Sears's move from portraying Zoom to becoming Black Flash, and it remains to be seen whether the storyline will follow the comic book version. Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, but can he outrun Black Flash at every turn?

What do you think? Are you excited to hear about Teddy Sears returning to The Flash to portray Black Flash? Or will Black Flash be too difficult to introduce to the DCTV universe?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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