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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Horror film villains are enshrined entities. So naturally, they have reputations to protect. That doesn't mean they don't have soft spots within their black hearts though.

Yeah, maybe they don't mind hurting people very, very, badly, but there's another side. A side that doesn't mind taking selfies, playing instruments, and even hugging their beloved parents whenever they can.

My goal is to expose this part of your favorite slashers. Sure, they deserve their notorious reputations. But it's important to show that even the most ruthless villains are normal sometimes.

1. Michael Myers Enjoys A Good Coke From Time To Time

Behind the scenes of: Halloween II (1981)

Is Michael Myers so different from us that he can't even enjoy a coke? Maybe it's time you stop judging Myers for what he does in his free time, and realize he's a normal person like you and me -- kind of..

2. Jason Loves To Smile

Behind the scenes of: Friday The 13th

Jason hates any- and everyone. But that doesn't mean he won't smile for the camera when he has to.

3. Pinhead Loves Babies

Behind the scenes of: Hellraiser 2

Hell's leading general on some days, baby lover on others.

4. Leatherface Is A Family Man

Behind the scenes of: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Is your family as close as this one? Unlikely!

5. Freddy Needs Love Too

Behind the scenes of: A Nightmare on Elm St.

Freddy Krueger deserves to be loved. Just like me and you!

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6. You Aren't Cooler Than Alien

Behind the scenes of: Alien 3

This Alien just wants to be normal. Stop judging him!

7. The Jeeper Isn't Always A Creeper

Behind the scenes of: Jeepers Creepers

The Creeper loves everybody, and everybody loves the Creeper.

8. Romance Is For Everyone

Behind the scenes of: Halloween II (1981)

Love can get the better of anyone. Even if you're a masked sociopath.

Horror Villains Aren't All That Bad

These are just a few photos that prove horror villains aren't always hardcore. Sure they have their moments. But, everybody has another side to them. So when you're watching Friday The 13th and Jason is hacking some poor soul into itty-bitty pieces, remember you aren't seeing the whole picture.


Are you more understanding of horror villains now?


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