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If you're vegetarian, you might want to skip this post because it's filled with juicy BEEF.

Two weeks ago, the Rock took to Instagram to call out certain, unnamed "candy-asses" that were causing him grief on the set of Fast & Furious 8. While at first we theorized that his comments might have been aimed at Scott Eastwood, now it seems abundantly clear that the "candiest ass" of them all is none other than Mr. Fast & Furious himself, Vin Diesel.

The movie might have just wrapped, but the Rock still managed to get one more dig in there, and it's painfully obvious in its passive aggressive-ness. Check it out right here:

He might as well have been wearing a Santa costume and passing out candy canes in class:

"Scott Eastwood, two for you! Natalie Emmanuel? Four for you, Natalie Emmanuel! You go, Natalie Emmanual. Do we have a Tyrese Gibson? One for you, Tyrese Gibson. And none for Vin Diesel, bye."

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Now, there's been some rumbling that maybe all this beef is only an appetizer for an upcoming entree, served in the form of a Wrestlemania showdown between the Rock and Vin Diesel. Whether or not that's true, it doesn't change the fact that Vin isn't the only star the Rock snubbed.

As the Rock oozes selective gratitude, there's no mention whatsoever of Mrs. Fast & Furious, the fiercest femme fatale of them all: Michelle Rodriguez. Maybe that's because M-Rod has appeared in a number of Vin's Facebook vids, and in a recent one, she too made some thinly veiled references to the drama happening on the set. Could they have been talking about the Rock?

Take a look here. The truth comes out around 2:20.

Clearly, they're not happy with SOMEBODY.

In between his abridged list of shout-outs and long chain of hashtags, the Rock did find time to say he's "Proud of our entire FAST FAMILY" — note the emphasis on the "fast family" instead of the "entire." Will anyone else from the fam step up and chime in? We're looking at you, Vin.

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