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We've got a few more Marvel movies coming before the release of Avengers: Infinity War in May 2018, but the culmination of the MCU's Phase 3 is understandably getting a lot of attention. While we're still speculating on which comic book story arcs will be featured in the movie version, one thing we know is that we'll get to see a boat load of characters on the screen — 68, to be precise.

Which means that the MCU can't afford to not use any of the characters they've already introduced on screen, including the Guardians of the Galaxy. Director James Gunn has explained time and again that his Guardians sequel wouldn't set up Infinity War, preferring to focus on character development and presumably Peter Quill's family story.

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It's obviously fantastic that a Marvel movie can afford to stand alone and not just act as a giant cliffhanger for the next one, but the Guardians are going to have to get involved sooner or later. And if there was any doubt still that they'd show up in Infinity War, our dear Vin Diesel has taken a break from his testosterone-fueled on-set feuds to confirm that yes, the Guardians will be in Infinity War, and he's very excited about it. (The video is mostly about the upcoming xXx: Return of Xander Cage, but jump right to the 20 min. mark for the Marvel part.)

"The Guardians will be included in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and that's incredibly exciting."

Not a word, however, about how exactly the team of misfits would be involved in the big showdown against Thanos. The most likely scenario is that Thanos will go up against them while trying to retrieve the Power Stone, a.k.a. the Orb.

What Is Infinity War About, Exactly?

Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet / Marvel Comics
Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet / Marvel Comics

If you're already frowning at the mention of the Power Stone, here's a quick recap of the Infinity War plot: To put it simply, Thanos is in love with Death. And to prove himself worthy of her love, he sets out to kill half of the universe. Since that would be a bit too tedious with his usual powers alone, even though they're pretty amazing, he decides to collect the Infinity Stones and reunite them in the Infinity Gauntlet, which gives its holder power over reality itself.

There are six Infinity Stones and they each pertain to a different dimension or concept: Mind, Reality, Power, Space, Time and Soul. So far, we've seen 4 of the 6 in the MCU, and we can expect at least another one to appear before Infinity War, probably in Doctor Strange this fall. It wouldn't be surprising either if the Guardians got their hands on the last one at the beginning of Infinity War, either. The real question is: How grown is Groot going to be?

Until we get to see more of that lovely Guardians cheesiness, check out this incredible on-set dance off below:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out May 5, 2017; Avengers: Infinity War is out May 4, 2018.

Which Marvel heroes are you hoping to see in Avengers: Infinity War?


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