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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Gal Gadot has the highly-anticipated task of bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen. For the first time ever Wonder Woman will have her own movie, seventy years after the creation of the comic. Of course, the iconic character briefly featured in Batman V Superman, but had very little screen time. Despite this small part, Wonder Woman's appearance was a total highlight and, in my humble opinion, saved the movie from complete failure.

Fans can rejoice however that, come 2017, we shall be able to feast our eyes on a Wonder Woman epic. Gadot's character whips out many of the deadly weapons Wonder Woman is known for, but she's totally up-ed the badass levels. Sister is well and truly doing it for herself. For those of you not in the know, check out this video on everything we know about Wonder Woman so far:

Behind this characterisation of the legendary superhero is Gal Godot, an Israeli born actress, with supermodel looks and the exact attitude needed to play Wonder Woman. We take a look at all the times Gal Gadot has been a real life Wonder Woman.


1. I Don't Need A Man To Make Me Happy

When interviewed by Glamour magazine about the character she is set to play, Gal said this. We're hoping this means the films scores highly on the Bechdel test and Wonder Woman isn't objectified.

2. Who Said Muscles Aren't Sexy?

Gadot used to work as a sports trainer for the Israeli Defence Forces. In order to prepare for the role of Wonder Woman she took up swordsmanship, Kung Fu kickboxing, Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, meaning she is well and truly equipped for her role as WW.

3. Wonder Woman Has A Daughter

She and her husband Yaron Varsano, have a daughter called Alma and Gadot regularly takes her along to work with her, so she doesn't have to miss out on her daughter growing up just because she's shooting.

4. Gal Is Thankful For Lynda Carter For Breaking The Mould

Lynda played the original Wonder Woman in the 70's TV series and without this trailblazer, Gal may not be playing the part today. We love that she recognizes this and celebrates other women's achievements. #sisterhood.

5. She Does Her Own Stunts

Watch Gal Godot talk about her role as Wonder Woman with all the charm and likability possible, proving you can be sweet and powerful at the same time.

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6. Politics Are Sexy

A Jewish actress from Israeli, Gal is very proud of her roots. Pictured here with the former President of Israeli, Gadot shows she has more than just movies on her mind and takes an active interest in the issues surrounding her homeland.

7. Charity Starts At Home

Like many celebrities, Gal took on the ALS challenge and was doused in icy cold water. Celebrities using their fame for positivity is always wonderful to see and it's great to see Wonder Woman doing her bit. Especially now we know it really worked.

8. Action Woman

Gadot may look like a supermodel on the red carpet, but in day- to- day life she's an adventurous woman who loves to be active. Beauty, brains and brawn, who could ask for anything more?

9. Girl Power!

They saying goes that girls compete with one another but women support each other. If this is the case, Gal is definitely all woman. By telling underrepresented stories of historical female achievement on her Instagram, Gadot brings awareness and allows these previously anonymous ladies to be celebrated.

10. She Pays It Back To Her Fans

Gal's fan base has reached superhero levels over the past two years and it's great to see she remains thankful for all their support. We love you too, Gal.

In case you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch the video below to see why Gal is going to be wondrous:

We cannot wait to see the movie and we think it's going too be the start of something great for the Wonder Woman movie franchise.

Is Gal Gadot your Wonder Woman or do you wonder why she was chosen?