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18-year-old Bella Thorne has confirmed that she identifies as bisexual after a sweet Snapchat kiss she shared with BFF Bella Pendergast roused curiosity among her fan base.

The video which was streamed to Bella's Snapchat followers yesterday showed the former Disney star planting a passionate kiss on her gal pal Bella's lips after waxing poetic about "finding her."

Although the silly smooch could easily be interpreted as best mates doing what best mates do, some people took to Twitter to ask Bella if she identified as gay or bisexual after seeing the lip lock.

Always one to respond to her fans, Bella quickly answered a question that asked "are you bisexual?" with a simple, concise answer:

After coming out as bisexual, Bella received an outpouring of love and support from her fans who respected her decision to be open about her sexuality — not to mention the identity of her rumored new squeeze:

After the world showed off how down they are with Bella opening up about her sexuality, the star made sure to say thank you for all of the cyber support that had been hurled her way.

But, now the question on everyone's lips is "who is Bella's rumored new girlfriend?" and, more pressingly, did she really date Thorne's brother?! Let's investigate everything we know about Bella Pendergast below.

Did She Really Date Bella Thorne's Brother?

Yes, Bella Pendergast (let's just call her Bella P from now on) really did date Bella T's big brother, Remy, and there is even photographic evidence:

Hollywood Life reports that it was this romantic relationship that brought the two Bella's together, and they became very close. The Bellas have been to Coachella together multiple times and are always popping up on each other's social media accounts/

The Power Of Friendship

Bella T and Bella P clearly think the world of each other and they have shouted from the rooftops (well, Instagram and Twitter) about how much they love and inspire each other.

While this is being used as proof of the pair's relationship by some websites, it totally sounds like they way I would talk about my bestie after a few glasses of vino.

Animal Magic

Bella T's quote on the Instagram post above makes total sense when you look at Bella P's life passion — The animal kingdom. Not only is the 20-year-old studying to be a Veterinarian, but she also has a veritable menagerie of her own.

Along with the usual cats and dogs, Pendergast also owns a trusty steed and rides competitively for fun:

Who knows if the Bellas are actually a couple, after all, Thorne's bisexuality doesn't mean she is in a relationship right now, or that she is dating the first girl she seems close too. Whatever the nature of their relationship, they certainly seem to adore each other, and that's what matters.

Do you think Bella Thorne and Bella Pendergast are dating?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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