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Disney's magical animations continue to enchant and entrance us and over the past few decades, the studio has certainly succeeded in sparking wild imaginations and unquenchable thirsts for feel-good fantasy.

And the best part is that although classics such as The Lion King and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin have always been predominantly directed at younger audiences, adults continue to re-watch them too.

In 2017, Disney rolls out Beauty and the Beast, the next mesmerizing live-action adaptation from the studio starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor. Yet while we may have loved the original 1991 animation to death, is there a chance that this live-action will be far scarier this time round? And most importantly, will it be suitable for kids?

Find out our assessment below after re-watching the teaser trailer for the 2017 feature:

1. A PG-rating is likely

Emma Watson stars as Belle | Disney
Emma Watson stars as Belle | Disney

Considering most of the live-action Disney features over the last few years have been granted a PG rating, it is likely that Beauty and the Beast will too. That's because with movies such as The Jungle Book, Cinderella and Maleficent, the House of Mouse clearly want to appeal to youngsters, as well as a slightly older demographic of audiences who bear a simmering nostalgia for the classic childhood stories.

As it stands, PG stands for "Parental Guidance," meaning that "some material may not be suitable for children." Because of this, audiences should be aware that some mild strong language and some violence may be present in Beauty and the Beast but it should be nothing troubling or excessive.

Essentially, if you managed to sit through the live-adaptations mentioned above and not walk out of the cinema a shaking mess, you'll be absolutely fine.

2. A masterpiece riddled with dark elements

The Beast might scare young children | Disney
The Beast might scare young children | Disney

Considering the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast isn't supposed to deviate too much from the classic, we can expect many scenes from the 1991 animation brought to life. Though, while high-energy musical numbers such as "Be Our Guest" and stunning waltz sequences will be a feast for the eyes, you should also expect a slightly dark take on the following:

  • A raucous bar scene featuring Gaston surrounded by drinking locals and bosomy barmaids.
  • An angry mob-sequence that sees the townsfolk gearing up to storm the Beast's castle, with pitchforks and flames in-hand.
  • A ferocious wolf scene in a dark forest, which sees a terrified main character barely escape with his life before entering the Beast's gothic castle.
  • A fight-to-the-death between Gaston and the Beast during a dark thunderstorm.
Gaston and The Beast fight | Disney
Gaston and The Beast fight | Disney

Although perhaps slightly unsettling for young audience members (5-years-old and under), Disney's 1991 animation is far from a traumatic experience.

However, those with concerns (particularly parents) must remember that a live-action adaptation will prove to be a little more scary by default. That's because there will be real actors involved, as well as advanced CGI effects adding to a full-on, immersive effect that little ones might find overwhelming. This may especially be the case if the movie is watched in a dark cinema hall.

If you would like to further compare the visuals of the original Beauty and the Beast with the 2017 live-action adaptation, watch this Movie Pilot video:

See more:

3. The importance of a positive role model

Belle | Disney
Belle | Disney

Despite elements that may frighten young viewers, the story's positive vibe is bound to outweigh any lingering negative effect. Ultimately, Disney's leading lady Belle is a wonderful role model for little children — she's a kind-hearted bookworm with true compassion, loyalty and fearlessness.

Additionally, she recognizes her self-worth and sees beyond the Beast's monstrous appearance, teaching an important lesson on finding the beauty beneath the exterior. This sets her apart from other fairytale characters such as Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and Ariel, who arguably fall in love at first sight without getting to know their partners in-depth.

So, here's MP's verdict: The 2017 adaptation of Beauty and the Beast will dazzle audiences and relay a positive powerful message that all ages will enjoy. We can't wait!

Do you think Beauty and the Beast will be scary?


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