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Any movie helmed by Justin Timberlake is set to be a good old belly ache and DreamWorks' 33rd animated feature, Trolls, looks like it'll be just that. Hitting theaters this winter, the tale follows a Troll survivalist called Crunch (JT), journeying to save his village from the big, bad Bergens with the help of a glitter-coated pink Poppy Troll played by Anna Kendrick.

You can get the brightly-colored gist of it all by watching the official trailer below:

While we've still got a way to go before this bonkers bunch of Trolls — known as the Snack Pack — explode onto screens everywhere in November, by checking the list below you can already familiarize yourself with the gang you'll come to know and love.

1. Anna Kendrick — Poppy

Out of the Woods x Dreamworks
Out of the Woods x Dreamworks

  • Who is she? The daughter of King Peppy.

  • What's she like? Hot pink skin and sparkle-coated cheeks, our bedazzled protagonist is described as being relentlessly upbeat, naive and, first and foremost, a spoilled princess — most things can be solved with a dance, song and a hug.

2. Zooey Deschanel — Bridget

 New Girl x Dreamworks
New Girl x Dreamworks

  • Who is she? The most kindhearted Bergen troll in Bergen town.

  • What's she like? A total sweetheart, Bridget might be a timid and overly-sensitive Troll but she's probably the one you'll want to hug the most. Bridget, with her sugar-plum hair and rosy cheeks, works as a scullery maid and dishwasher for her mean old boss, the Chef.

3. Justin Timberlake — Branch

Instagram x Dreamworks
Instagram x Dreamworks

  • Who is he? A non-singing grey Troll.

  • What's he like? Essentially the polar opposite of Poppy, Branch is somewhat of a cynical misery-guts. He frowns upon his fellow Trolls all-singing-all-dancing attitude and instead spends his overly-cautious existence preparing for the worst.

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4. Christopher Mintz-Plasse — Prince Gristle

Movie 43 x Dreamworks
Movie 43 x Dreamworks

  • Who is he? King of the Bergen Monsters.

  • What's he like? Super eager to please. Prince Gristle inherited the throne at a young age when his father was kicked out after allowing their favorite delicacy — Trolls — to escape Bergen town. His aim is to get Trolls back on the menu.

5. Christine Baranski — Chef

Good Wife x Dreamworks
Good Wife x Dreamworks

  • Who is she? The Troll-cook.

  • What's she like? Desperate to claw back the reputation she held before the Trolls fled Bergen Town, Chef pines for the life she once had; frying up the colorful clan for her adoring customers in the Royal Kitchen.

6. James Corden — Biggie

Instagram x Dreamworks
Instagram x Dreamworks

  • Who is he? The biggest member of Poppy's group, the Snack Pack.

  • What's he like? A massive softy who bursts into tears at the sight of a pretty sunset. He has a pet worm called Mr. Dinkles whom he likes to dress in little outfits for impromptu photoshoots.

7. John Cleese — King Gristle Sr.

  • Who is he? Prince Gristle's father

  • What's he like? His primary mission in life is to raise his only son and lead the fickle bunch of Bergens.

8. Jeffrey Tambor — King Peppy

  • Who is he? The Troll leader

  • What's he like? He saved the Troll population from the Bergens, so he's pretty great — a national hero, in fact. Brimming with inspirational quotes, he's become a little senile in his old age but nonetheless remains beloved by his followers.

9. Kunal Nayyar — Guy Diamond

Big Bang Theory x Dreamworks
Big Bang Theory x Dreamworks

  • Who is he? A naked Troll covered in glitter.

  • What's he like? Clearly very confident and all about the party.

10. Gwen Stefani — DJ Suki

  • Who is she? Troll Village's one and only DJ

  • What's she like? She's all about that natural sound — her equipment is made from crickets, beetles and other bugs that she scratches to make big, busting, beats.

11. Russell Brand — Creek

Instagram x Dreamworks
Instagram x Dreamworks
  • Who is he? The most supportive Troll.
  • What's he like? A literal creek filled with wisdom, positivity and reassurance.

Which Troll do you think is your spirit animal?


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