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Frances "Frankie" Kane will be bringing her unique brand of devilry to The Flash in season 3 of The CW's hit series.

Joey King has been tapped to take on the role of the lavender-eyed villain and posted an image of the transformation she underwent in preparation for the role.

Magenta will be joining the likes of Savitar, The Top and the returning Gorilla Grodd as the band of villains set to take on the man in the scarlet mask.

King has some pedigree as a comic book villain; according to Comic Book, she made her big screen debut as a young Talia Al Gul in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. As the villain Magenta, King will be giving The Flash some metal bending trouble throughout her appearances during season 3.

In the comic books, Magenta is perhaps best known as a one-time love interest of Wally West and has the ability to control magnetic fields. She also has the ability to disrupt electronic systems - no surprise there, given the effects magnets can have on a range of electronic devices.

Currently, it is not yet known how long Fargo star King will stick around in Central City, but as of right now, Science Fiction reports that Magenta is slated to make her first appearance during the third episode of season 3. It makes a great deal of sense to pair Magenta with Wally West, especially given King's age (17), so it's possible that King might be around a lot longer than a one time appearance.

The Flash continues to rank as one of The CW's highest rated shows, thanks in part to the continued popularity of movies and television shows revolving around comics-inspired heroes. Now that it appears that season 3 of the series will be inspired by the much-loved Flashpoint Paradox storyline, the introduction of characters like The Top and Magenta could prove to continue the renaissance that comic book-based television shows currently enjoy.

Given that season 3 will introduce Wally West's role as Kid Flash, it could be almost a guarantee that Magenta and Wally West will tangle in one way or another in The Flash's upcoming season. While Magenta's crosshairs appear to be squarely locked on The Flash himself, based on King's tweet, it could be that the violet-eyed villain will have her hands full with Kid Flash and The Flash, leading to a lot to balance for Magenta.

With the continued addition of villains to The Flash, it looks like Barry Allen and his colleagues could be in for a lot of crime fighting over the next several months. Season 3 of The Flash premieres October 4.


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