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With David Ayer - the screenwriter of his breakout hit, Training Day, turning over big box office returns with Suicide Squad - Antoine Fuqua has assembled his own team of loveable rogues with the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Seven Samurai. Set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, it boasts an impressive cast to rival the original. One thing is immediately more notable - the diversity. As Fuqua points out:

"There were a lot of black cowboys, a lot of Native Americans; Asians working on the railroads. The truth of the West is more modern than the movies have been."

Check Out The Trailer Below:

But just who is in the squad? Let's find out.

Denzel Washington - The Leader

By far the most iconic actor on the list, Denzel Washington is a cornerstone of American cinema, with six Oscar nominations and two wins to his name. Exuding authority with nearly every role he plays, he remains the perfect choice as the morally upright leader of the gang, having been an excellent leader before as Malcolm X, a soldier in Glory, and the greatest coach ever in Remember The Titans.

Chris Pratt - The Gambler

Somehow being the guy next door and a movie star at the next time, it seems appropriate that Chris Pratt will play The Gambler. Building upon the immense likability he garnered from Guardians Of The Galaxy, Pratt appears to be the joker of the pack, seemingly adopting an easy-going approach to explosives.

Ethan Hawke - The Sharpshooter

An actor known for bouncing between indie films such as the Before series, and more straightforward genre fare such as Sinister, Ethan Hawke has never been shy of a challenge. Hawke has worked before with Washington in the seminal Training Day - it'll be great to see them back together. This will not be the only Western he stars in this year, also starring in Ti West's In A Valley Of Violence.

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Vincent D'onofrio - The Tracker

Most famous for his role as Kingpin in Marvel's Daredevil, D'onofrio has proved himself a particularly adept actor over the years. Whether its his breakout role in Full Metal Jacket, or as the terrifying bug in Men In Black, D'onofrio seems to be able to adapt to any role that comes his way. Here, he plays The Tracker, a man gifted with the ability to follow any trail.

Byung-hun Lee - The Assassin

Making his name in South Korean hits such as A Bittersweet Life and The Good, The Bad and The Weird, Byung-hun Lee crossed over to American action cinema with G.I Joe and Red 2. Let's hope The Magnificent Seven is slightly more memorable than those two! He also has the distinction of being the first Korean to present an Academy Award.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo - The Outlaw

The Magnificent Seven marks Garcia-Rulfo's first Hollywood performance, although he was in the TV remake of From Dusk Till Dawn and the Jennifer Aniston vehicle Cake. As a Mexican outlaw he will be riffing off a role that has been a staple of Westerns since The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Martin Sensmeier - The Warrior

Growing up with the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan tribes of Alaska, Sensmeier brings real authenticity to his role as The Warrior, a native American who chooses to fight with a bow and arrow as opposed to a gun. This is his second film, after the largely panned thriller Lilin's Brood.


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