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It's been 11 long years since we first fell for Jonah Hill as he tried to purchase a hot pair of glittered, knee-high boots-cum-fish tanks in The 40 Year Old Virgin — which you can watch in the clip below, because it's hilarious — and in the years passed, not only has he dominated the comedy genre, he's also proved himself a fantastic dramatic actor via The Wolf of Wall Street.

His next three projects are mostly true to Jonah Hill form, so be sure to pack the popcorn and brace yourselves for the belly-aches!

1. Maniac (TV Show)

  • Character: Unknown
  • Who else stars? Emma Stone
  • What's it about? It's a project based on a 2014 Norwegian TV show of the same name, the narrative of which centers on a guy who lives a fantasy life in his dreams, but in reality is locked up in an institution.
  • Why you should watch: Hill and Stone? IT'S A SUPERBAD REUNION, GUYS. But seriously, though, hailing from Paramount and banking a 10 episode straight-to-series order from Netflix certainly bodes well. And if The Bridge and The Killing have taught us anything, it's that Scandinavians know how to make bloody great TV dramas.
  • Release date: 2017

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2. MIB 23

  • Character: Schmidt
  • Who else stars? Channing Tatum
  • What's it about? Though the future is unclear for this bonkers concept that threatens to merge the franchise worlds of Men in Black and the Jump Street, as it remains on Hills's IMDb page, on the list it goes! One would assume it'll brim with otherworldly bizarrities and sharp suits.
  • Why you should watch: Action, aliens and Channing Tatum's guns. Bish, bash, bosh.
  • Release date: TBD

3. How To Train Your Dragon 3

  • Character: Snotlout Jorgenson
  • Who else stars? Kristen Wiig, Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett
  • What's it about? A continued adventure of the young Viking Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless.
  • Why you should watch: For anyone who needs some dragon-shaped closure and, also, because the last two movies in the franchise were pretty damn amazing, hitting 98 percent and 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively.
  • Release date: May 18, 2018


Which Jonah Hill project are you looking forward to the most?

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