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I've yet to come across someone who isn't excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Clearly this means I am surrounded by pretty excellent people, but I'm sure there's one or two people out there who still aren't sold on the spin-off movies that will be filling in the gaps, both in terms of the Star Wars mythology and the actual wait between the films making up the overarching narrative that was continued by The Force Awakens last Christmas.

Come on, naysayers. Have you even SEEN the trailer?

I admit that I share the skepticism when it comes to the Han Solo/Boba Fett movie, and, yes, there are plenty of spin-offs that haven't worked so well. But for every Elektra, there's a Fraiser, and Rogue One is a story I absolutely feel needs to be told.

Here's why.

1. It Fills A Pretty Huge Gap, Between The Aftermath Of Revenge Of The Sith And Order 66, And A New Hope And The Destruction Of The Death Star


As Fanboys told us, the greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star. However, for Luke to even have the opportunity to fire those proton torpedoes down that small thermal exhaust port, someone first had to steal the plans for the Death Star. We know, thanks to Mon Mothma (who will return for Rogue One), that many Bothans died trying to get the plans for the second Death Star, but how did Leia get her hands on the first set?

Rogue One has the answer.

I wouldn't say that not filling in this sort of gap constitutes a plot hole, but it is something that I know I've thought about before. Personally, I'm absolutely aching to find out about this group of people. People that at this stage do not appear to be Jedi, who broke through through Empire defenses and stole the plans to the biggest, baddest ball of obliteration in the galaxy.

We're also going to find out just what Vader and Palpatine have been up to in the interim. For me, that's not the most exciting part, but I will admit that my little heart skipped a beat when Vader showed up in the trailer. It's going to be interesting seeing how Vader continues to be manipulated by Palpatine, and how the death of Padme, which he believes he caused, weighs on him. Say what you will about the prequels, but they have set us up for a pretty interesting continuation of Anakin Skywalker's story.

Saw Gerrera, a resistance fighter from the Clone Wars, will also be making an appearance. While the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith has already been filled by The Clone Wars television series, it's exciting to see that a character from that storyline has been included in Rogue One, and in such a key role. For people only really familiar with the films, this is another a great opportunity to learn more about events that took place off the big screen. And if it gets people watching Clone Wars, then I'm definitely all for it!

2. It's An Alternative Take On The Star Wars Universe

It was only after someone pointed it out that I noticed a pretty big absence in the trailer: There isn't a single lightsaber.

Pcitured: Jyn Erso. Not pictured: lightsaber.
Pcitured: Jyn Erso. Not pictured: lightsaber.

What do you call a trailer for a Star Wars movie that doesn't feature the galaxy's most iconic weapon? Bold.

What do you call a trailer that's so good you don't even notice? Rogue One.

Rogue One isn't an episode. It's a Star Wars story. And while these characters are still heavily involved in the intrigues of what came before and after their story, this is the first time we'll get a Star Wars that isn't about the Skywalkers - the inclusion of one very important Skywalker notwithstanding.

What I feel like we're being offered here is an alternative view of that galaxy far, far away. Not a Jedi? Not a problem! The events take place in a post-Order 66 galaxy, and as far as the general Star Wars populace know, the Jedi are gone. While I'm not dismissing the idea that a couple might show up, I'd rather they didn't, because Rogue One functions as a friendly reminder that not everyone can use the Force and that not everyone is part of the same dysfunctional family.

For me, that's the one thing that dragged down The Force Awakens - the constant need among fans to decide who Rey is based on who she must be related to. I resisted making my own theories, partly because I don't like being wrong, but also because I want her to at least have time to be powerful because she's Rey, and not because she's a Skywalker or a Kenobi or a Solo or whoever she turns out to be. The Rogue One trailer, with its focus on a (mostly) new cast of characters, and its minimum reliance on the Force, Jedi Knights, and all the associated baggage suggests that I won't have to do that for Jyn Erso - that's she's enough by herself, without having to be someone's daughter or sister.

You do you, Rey. You do you.
You do you, Rey. You do you.

Jyn already has a back story. She already is who she is. She isn't walking into this thinking there's something more out there. Of course, we can expect her to go through some sort of development, but right now, I'm just excited for someone new to root for - someone who, actually, feels a lot more like me - a normal person, without powers. It's an angle we haven't really had yet - not from a main character - and certainly not while the Skywalkers are around.

Simply put, this one is for the Landos, in the sea of Lukes.

3. If I Have To Wait Two Years Between Episodes, I'm Happy For Any Excuse To Get A Star Wars Fix In The Meantime

If the Skywalkers were the video game, this would be the DLC. It's essentially bonus content. And who doesn't love a little bit of bonus content?

This entire article was an excuse to use this GIF.
This entire article was an excuse to use this GIF.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit cinemas this December.

To get even more out of the first Rogue One trailer, check out the in-depth trailer breakdown video below:

Are there any plot holes in the Star Wars universe you'd love to see filled? Or even some you'd rather not? Let us know in the comments below!


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