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This week, Final Line Entertainment released its first teaser for the new short horror film, Blackmere Harvest.

The Blackmere family’s soul intention is to harvest the Sullivan family’s bodies so they can continue their centuries-old lives uninterrupted. Now, Antwan and Dotty must find a way to not only save themselves, but to protect their daughter from Mayla’s plan to use her as her next host.

Check out the trailer below!

The short film is set to release the first week in October. However, this is not the only Blackmere Harvest film. Writer Sandra L. Bucy and Eric Hunter started working together on the feature screenplay, titled Blackmere House, five years ago. After a lot of stops and starts it is now time to make it into a film! Producers Eric Hunter and Malcolm Carter of Final Line Entertainment will be directing the film, as well.

Blackmere House was written well before the call for more quality film and television roles for African Americans and other ethnicities reached the height it currently has. Eric’s and Sandra’s desire, when they first began discussing the storyline, was to create an intelligently written piece that did away with overused cliché situations and tired stereotypes. Historically, black horror has been cheesy and full of these stereotypical characters and situations; Eric and Sandra sought to create a horror film that would not only provide entertainment across every demograph, but to push black horror into the mainstream by offering a well written film that revolves around a group of young people who just happen to be black. The characters and dialogue are strong, consistent and believable. Blackmere House’s intelligent, predominantly African American and Hispanic characters make it cutting edge, as well. We at Final Line Entertainment want our film to be part of a big push toward film projects that will give ethnic actors and actresses quality stages from which they can share their talents with us, the viewers. It is time. It has been time.

An Indiegogo campaign is set to launch in October. We invite every horror fan, filmmaker, actor and movie lover in general to take a look once the campaign page goes live. It is definitely a project worth investing in.

Blackmere Harvest Teaser Poster
Blackmere Harvest Teaser Poster

Final Line Entertainment has also released two new posters for the short film. The new posters introduce two leading members of the Blackmere family: John and Mayla Blackmere. The trailer and poster both give off a creepy vibe that makes everyone wonder, "what is really going on in this?" The film was shot with a state of the art RED camera, which gives the film a crisp and original look.

Curious? Ready to take a look? You’ll have to wait and see it on October 1st! In the meantime, keep checking back here for updates!

Thanks for your interest and support!

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