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UPDATED November 7, 2016: The dream has finally become a reality. Young Justice Season 3 is officially happening! Read on to find out what four characters are almost certain to turn up in the third season in response to the storylines set in motion in Season 2.

Original article: Series writer Peter David has revealed to a fan that Netflix approached him about a third season of Young Justice. Just hearing that and watching the original trailer is enough to get me pumped.

This comes a few months after Young Justice creator Greg Weisman called for fans to keep watching the series on Netflix in the hopes of giving the show new life. A Redditor states that he spoke to David at TerrificCon in Connecticut about Young Justice and the possibility of a third season. David reaffirmed the fan that Young Justice was cancelled due to its large female demographic translating to poor toy sales and not because of viewing figures or lack of overall quality.

David then followed this up with a statement that is sure to excite every Young Justice fan around the globe by saying that Netflix, after seeing the viewing figures for Young Justice, approached him about a possible third season.

Don't get excited yet, as Netflix are yet to confirm or announce Young Justice Season 3. And after the news broke, David himself tweeted to deny it.

However, that Redditor stands by his statement. But where there's smoke, there's often fire, so it's impossible to think that a Young Justice Season 3 isn't looking more likely.

So let's assume that we are getting a third season of sooner or later. If that's the case, we have to look at where the show is going. The show was left on a cliffhanger, with Darkseid confirmed to be in league with The Light, and Wally West sacrificing himself and possibly becoming one with the Speed Force. The Season 2 finale left a lot of hints about what we can expect from a potential Season 3 and what new characters might be introduced.

1. Red Hood: A Replacement For Arsenal

Arsenal and Red Hood
Arsenal and Red Hood

I'm sure everyone saw this coming. The Season 2 finale left us with a monumental Easter egg that hinted toward Jason Todd, a.k.a. the second Robin, a.k.a. Red Hood appearing in Season 3. Toward the end of the episode when Artemis and Bart talk at Wally's memorial, the camera cuts to Wonder Girl and Tim Drake welcoming Static to the team. Standing adjacent to them is none other than the memorial of Jason Todd, the second Robin.

R.I.P. Jason Todd
R.I.P. Jason Todd

This is the second time that Todd's memorial has appeared in the second season, as it was previously seen next to Artemis' memorial. The shows writers teased the death of Jason Todd throughout Season 2, and with the inclusion of Tim Drake as Robin, I'd bet my mortgage that Jason Todd was murdered at some point during the show's 5-year jump forward between Seasons 1 and 2.

The team is in need of a replacement for Arsenal, and who better to replace him than Red Hood?

2. Black Flash: Coming Out Of The Speed Force

Flash vs. Black Flash
Flash vs. Black Flash

Let's just put this out there: Wally is not dead. It is safe to say that Wally has simply vanished into the Speed Force so it is only a matter of time before his eventual return. Of course, as many of us The Flash fans know, tampering with the Speed Force has some severe consequences. If Wally returns to Earth, he will be chased by the Black Flash.

For those who don't know about the Black Flash, it is essentially the manifestation of death in the DC Universe. It has appeared before the deaths of Bart Allen and once attempted to take Wally West back into the Speed Force. The later is significant as I believe Young Justice could be setting up a rather important moment from Wally's history.

When the Black Flash attempted to take Wally back into the Speed Force, Wally raced him to the end of time itself. Yep, Wally West ran to the end of time causing the Black Flash to dissipate. With Wally being the weaker of the three speedsters at the end of Season 2, making the character run to the end of time and back will surely develop the character's power and make him more than ready to handle the invasion of Season 3's main villain. Which brings us to...

3. Darkseid: The Main Baddie Of Season 3


Introduced at the very end of Season 2, Darkseid will definitely become the main antagonist for Season 3. He was teased to be the ringleader of The Light, the main antagonists for the first two seasons, so for Darkseid to be the man behind everything that has transpired thus far makes him even more of a foe to be reckoned with.

He set up six of the League's big hitters to be sentenced and orchestrated Vandal Savage's takeover of the Justice League, all while remaining in the shadows. The fact that he almost broke the Justice League on two occasions without revealing himself makes you wonder what damage he will do when he gets to earth with his army.

4. Supergirl: Experience Battling Darkseid

The team is going to need someone more experienced to fight alongside Superboy in the upcoming war against Darkseid. Sure they have Wonder Girl, but she doesn't have the sheer raw strength of Supergirl.

Darkseid's history with Superman has caused Supergirl to get involved in their feuds over the course of many years. She has most notably appeared in Batman/Superman: Apocalypse where she was under the control of Darkseid and later turned against him.

There is no doubt that she has a rich history with Darkseid, and considering that Superman is the only main member of the Justice League not to introduce a protege (he later took on Conor in the role), now would be a prime time to introduce Supergirl.


Of course there are many other characters that could be coming to Young Justice Season 3, but I wanted to list the ones that are without a doubt on their way. Who knows, we may even see Oracle, the New Gods or maybe even Rip Hunter. Young Justice isn't shy when it comes to introducing new and obscure characters - Rocket and Icon - so it will be interesting to see who they will bring in over the course of Season 3.

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Who do you think is most likely to appear in Young Justice Season 3?


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