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On August 19th, 2016 we lost Jack Riley who was the voice of one of our favorite cartoon dads, Stu Pickles. We will miss him and to celebrate his character I am listing the ways Stu was the most real dad ever. Time to take a trip down memory lane!

1. Still Fights With Siblings

We all like to think when we grow up and have kids of our own we will stop fighting with our siblings. This is a lie and Stu and Drew proved this. They have kids and still try to out do each other and argue over nonsense.

2. Doing Crazy Things For Kids

Every parent has had to do some pretty odd or crazy things for kids. I, personally, have had to stay up to til two in the morning while my son watched Disney Junior. We would do anything for the kids in our lives even making chocolate pudding at four o'clock in the morning.

3. Following His Dreams

In the Rugrats Stu still had his dreams. Having kids doesn't mean that you have to give up all your dreams. As long as your family is happy and not in need of anything then there is nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams.

4. He Isn't Perfect

He made mistakes like every father does. Maybe, he lost his children just a bit too much but he always did his best. Stu loved Didi, Dil, and Tommy with all his heart and was only human. Every parent makes mistakes but like this cartoon dad we learn from them.

As far as cartoon parents go, Stu was the most realistic of them all. He went through things all real life parents go through. We are all going to miss Jack Riley, the man who gave voice to the father we all loved. What were your favorite Stu Pickles moments?


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