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The YouTube sensation The Hillywood Show have been a staple for many parody video lovers for years, with everything from parodies of The Vampire Diaries to Doctor Who, all produced by the twin sister duo Hilly and Hannah Hindi.

Hillywood does Doctor Who
Hillywood does Doctor Who

They are at it again with a clever new parody, this one of the beloved BBC show Sherlock. With callbacks to each of the seasons, there are times when it seems as though you are looking at the real Sherlock and John Watson, played by the two sisters.

They also have regular guest star Osric Chau of Supernatural fame playing Sherlock's greatest nemesis, Moriarty.

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As well as a surprise cameo from Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter series) as Mycroft.

And what Sherlock video wouldn't be complete without a cameo from co-creator/writer Steven Moffat?

With over 700,000 views and counting, it looks as though the Hindi sisters have another hit on their hands.

Watch it now, because if Hillywood does a parody of Season 4, it might be without Sherlock himself. While Season 4 started filming in April, co-creator Mark Gatiss recently tweeted a picture of a knife stuck through an envelope with the caption, "The game is over...for now. "

This might be an indication that there are no concrete plans for a fifth season after this one, or it could be a hint that Sherlock Holmes himself might meet his maker in Season 4 — but for real this time, unlike when he faked his death in Season 2.

Either way, we'll always have the Hillywood parody to watch, even if we no longer have Sherlock.


What's your favorite Hillywood TV show parody video?


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