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With exactly two months to go, The Walking Dead is really ramping up the promos for Season 7. Last week we got a sneak peek of one whole scene from the premiere, and this week Fox (the network which hosts the series internationally) have released 11 individual promo videos, each focussing on different characters in Negan's line up.

The promo videos have a distinct look, and come across almost like an in-memoriam. The clips start with a look back at the characters' journey on the show, and end with footage of them staring up at Negan and Lucille. Meanwhile over the top of the whole clip is Negan's foreboding "eeny meeny miny moe" rhyme.

Negan picking his victim [AMC]
Negan picking his victim [AMC]

But while all 11 of Negan's possible victims appear in the videos, we all know that there are some characters who have more of a chance of being killed than others, so take a look below at each of the clips and vote for which character (or characters) you think Negan killed:

1. Rick

The captain of the Walking Dead ship, Rick has been in the show since the very beginning, making the tough calls that a leader needs to make to ensure his group of survivors stays at strong as they can be.

If Rick were to be killed by Negan it would shake the series to its absolute core, a true bombshell no one saw coming. But, that said, Rick's death is extremely unlikely, and it seems fans of Constable Grimes have nothing to fear.

Rick Grimes' chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Rick?

2. Carl

I doubt any character has come on a journey of development quite as much as young Carl Grimes. From one of the most annoying characters in early seasons (seriously, stay in the house, Carl!), to a little badass who proves himself time and time again.

After already dodging death once in Season 6 (remember when he got his eye shot out?!), chances seem slim that Carl will be the one Negan bashes, and I have a feeling Carl Poppa fans have nothing to be worried over.

Carl Grimes' chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Carl?

3. Daryl

One of the core Atlanta survivors, Daryl has been defying expectations since the first season. It was easy to think he was just a redneck racist, but our boy Daryl has come a long way since his upbringing and is a much more sensitive soul than he lets on.

Daryl is obviously a big target in Negan's lineup, however I just can't foresee him being killed, not least of all because his BFF Carol isn't there. While there's plenty of theories out there that point to Daryl being died, I somehow don't think there's anything to panic over.

Daryl's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Daryl?

4. Michonne

One of our main gals (and Rick's love interest!), Michonne would leave a massive hole in the group if she were to end up being Negan's victim. Ever since she first mysteriously showed up at the end of Season 2 with her walker protection and katana, Michonne has been a fan favorite, and we've only grown to love her more and more.

Being such a powerful character, Michonne definitely has a target on her head, and contrary to some reports, Negan definitely isn't opposed to killing women (however, he is opposed to rape). While I wouldn't say Michonne has the best odds of being the victim, she definitely isn't totally safe either.

Michonne's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Michonne?

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5. Glenn

He was a pizza delivery boy when the apocalypse began, but remarkably somehow Glenn defied the odds and has become one hell of a survivor. Along the way he met his now-wife, Maggie, who is now pregnant (and gravely ill) with their first child.

Glenn's had a rough trot, and looked death in the face a number of times throughout The Walking Dead. Now he's faced with the same fate that met his comic book counterpart, and to be honest it looks like it might be the end of the road.

Glenn's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Glenn?

6. Maggie

The daughter of sweet Hershel, Maggie has been a strong addition to the team since Season 2. She found happiness with Glenn against all the odds, and now the pair are expecting a new addition to their small family unit.

The reason for the group trekking to Hilltop, Maggie's current state of health is already grim. For that reason alone I doubt that Maggie will be Negan's victim - after all, it looks as though she might die even without his help. It seems obvious that Maggie is fairly safe, though if her husband, Glenn bites the dust, it still might be a horrible time for her.

Maggie's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Maggie?

7. Sasha

Since joining permanently joining the group at the end of Season 3, Sasha has proved her loyalty to Rick and co time and time again. Following the death of her boyfriend and then brother, Sasha seemed like she was on a self-destructive path, but thankfully it looks like she's back on track, especially after starting a relationship with Abraham.

There's no denying Sasha's among most viewers favorite characters, and having been on the show for quite some time now, her death would pack a punch. While there's definitely other characters more likely to be killed off, it would be remiss to say Sasha is totally safe.

Sasha's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Sasha?


Even back when we thought Eugene had the cure to the zombie outbreak, we still knew he was fairy useless, and it wasn't until this season that he really shone. With his scientific mind Eugene has proved an asset to Alexandria, especially with his latest discovery - equipment to make bullets.

Eugene definitely put himself forward as a top contender for Negan when he drove the RV off by himself and gave Maggie and the rest of the group a head start on foot. It's fair to say it's definitely possible that Eugene is Negan's victim.

Eugene's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Eugene

9. Abraham

Ah yes, big red himself, Abraham. Leading up to the events of the Season 6 finale, Abraham had had quite a season. After making peace with his past and then breaking things off with Rosita, he got together with Sasha, and for the first time since he joined the show he seemed pretty happy.

Well, if there's one certainty in the Walking Dead universe, it's that happiness must be short lived, which usually means death. Abraham has had more character development than any other character this season and if previous patterns are anything to go by it means he'll shortly be heaven-bound.

Abraham's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Abraham?

10. Rosita

Making her debut in the series alongside Abraham and Eugene, Rosita is a Lara Croft-esque bad ass and someone you'd definitely want on your side in the zombie apocalypse.

While Rosita's death might come as a bit of a shock, given that she has no family or partner to be significantly impacted by her death (sorry, I know that sounds brutal af), I just can't imagine that she's the one that would be killed off.

Rosita's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Rosita?

11. Aaron

Aaron is a relatively new character, but one who instantly bonded with the group after winning their trust and bringing them into Alexandria. Prior to Rick and co joining Alexandria, Aaron was the closest the community had to a Rick Grimes, and he's certainly proved himself a true survivor.

While Aaron is a new favorite, I have big doubts as to whether he's enough of a beloved character for his death to warrant any sort of outrage, and as we've been told for months now - Negan's victim's death is devastating. So for now I'd say that Aaron is safe.

Aaron's chance of death:


Do you think Negan killed Aaron?

So, tell me below: Who did Negan kill?

Who did Negan kill? [AMC]
Who did Negan kill? [AMC]

Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 23, 2016


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