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How much would you pay to have Gandalf himself officiate your wedding? Well, Napster billionaire Sean Parker decided that $1.5m was a good amount to offer Ian McKellen, the one and only Gandalf, for him to marry Parker and his wife, singer Alexandra Lenas. According to the Mail on Sunday, the deal was set into stone through a mutual friend of them both (what an interesting conversation that friend had). McKellen apparently stated that if the offer hadn't included the costume, he would have considered it. I don't know about you, but I'd have jumped at the opportunity to officiate a wedding in full Gandalf attire! "One Ring To Marry Them All!" Well, I'm sure McKellen could have come up with a better pun than me.

Parker and Lena decided to carry on with the Lord of The Rings themed wedding, regardless of McKellen's refusal, and went forth and married in a fake ruined castle in Big Sur, California in 2013. Complete with fur-covered tables covered in roast pigs, guests were also stylishly outfitted in garments supplied by the film trilogy’s Oscar-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson. What a gig, huh? The whole event already cost Parker a hefty $10m, I'm sure he'll be glad saving the $1.5m he'd have payed McKellen. Do you think McKellen would do a Magneto wedding? Asking for a friend...

It seems like the couple are perfect for each other, as they both share a nerdy side - especially when it comes to films. Here are the two celebrating Halloween together in 2011, all together now - awwww.

What Do You Think About Gandalf's Wedding Refusal? Should He Have Done It?


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