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Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of the most exciting superheroes movies in recent memory. With Hulk having a prominent role, Doctor Strange supposedly making a cameo and Thor and Loki roaming the streets of New York City, fans are not sure of what to expect from Thor's third outing.

Something that needs to be addressed in the film is Loki taking Odin's place as Asgard's ruler. With Anthony Hopkin's return for Ragnarok being uncertain, many were disappointed at the prospect of Marvel having to ignore a pretty important storyline that was already set up. Well, worry not. Set pics from Thor: Ragnarok have surfaced and to say they are interesting would be the understatement of the decade.

Why? Because Anthony Hopkins is back as Odin. Instagram user Glennhuntphoto has shared our first look at Anthony Hopkins as the All-Father on the set of Ragnarok... with a twist.

That's right, that is Anthony Hopkins himself as a homeless and, apparently, not-all-there Odin. Or maybe he's just undercover.

He also shared this picture of Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth as Loki and Thor walking through the streets of New York City:

As we can piece together from the pictures above, Thor and Loki are looking for a homeless Odin through the streets of New York but... why? Loki is looking dapper in that suit, might I add.

What Is Happening With Odin?

At the end of The Dark World, Loki was masquerading as Odin and ruling Asgard. Many speculated that the God of Mischief had murdered the All-Father and others said that he simply locked him away.

Odin in Thor
Odin in Thor

Rumors surfaced months ago that Odin would be wandering around Midgard as a homeless person warning everyone about the upcoming apocalypse (Ragnarok). The rumors also had Thor finding his father on this state and being very angry because of it. Going by these pictures, the rumors seem to be true.

So it seems Loki got rid of the All-Father by banishing him to Earth somehow. Did he do that because he was unable to kill him or because he didn't want to? One aspect that's been shown from Loki in the MCU is his methodical thinking. Perhaps Loki was desperate to be King of Asgard but was aware he did not have Odin's knowledge or experience so he kept him at arm's length in case he needed him again. But we've also seen his moments of real love for his family - maybe he couldn't bring himself to kill his father, after all...though my money's on the former, as we all know there's no love lost between Loki and his adoptive father:

While some could question why Odin wouldn't simply signal Heimdall for help, it's very likely that Loki set up everything in the same way he did when Thor was banished to Earth, making sure he wouldn't be noticed.

Why Are Thor And Loki Looking For Odin?

One of the biggest questions raised by these set pictures is: Are Loki and Thor in New York specifically to find Odin or was it a coincidence that they encounter him? I doubt Loki would willingly go with his half-brother - who doesn't exactly trust him - to a city where he knows he banished their father unless absolutely necessary. So it's clear the pair is looking for their father. But why? Given Odin's vast knowledge of the universe and his immense power, it opens a few possibilities for the exact reason that the brothers are searching for him.

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What if Loki and Thor are just realizing the scope of Ragnarok and its ramifications and need Odin's knowledge about how to stop it? Perhaps they need Odin's power to help them fight someone Surtur or Hela and stop the apocalypse.

Either way, Loki has some explaining to do to Thor as he not only faked his own death (for the second time) but also banished the King of Asgard and their father to a street corner in New York to live off of... Given Odin's appearance in the picture, I don't want to think about it.

Which Means Odin Was On Earth During Some Major Events

Something I realized is that, by being on Earth, Odin could have kept track on everything our favorite superheroes were doing, from the events of Winter Soldier, to Civil War to Doctor Strange. The good news is that Odin will have an idea on the kind of friends his son has and the enemies his other son has faced. And, for the upcoming fight against Thanos in Infinity War, he'll know what heroes he has to work with — should he decide to join the fight.

Why do you think Loki and Thor are looking for Odin? Let me know in the comments!


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