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**Minor spoilers ahead**

Popcorn in hand and (wrongly) preconceived doubts in mind, I set out to see Suicide Squad. With social media abuzz with costume choice, screen-time, and potential spin-offs it was time to form my own opinion. One thing that stood out for me was The Enchantress, the unexpected villain among villains, played by Cara Delevingne. With Harley and The Joker taking the limelight in marketing, the movie managed to keep its wrong-doer under wraps until it reached the cinema, something the writers could have really worked with to play on the Bad vs. Evil theme. Here are a few tweaks that could have made June Moone, demonized her intrusive alter-ego, and put the squad on a soapbox.

4. More June Moone

June Moone and Rick Flag
June Moone and Rick Flag

We were on a need-to-know basis when it came down to June Moone's character. She was an archeologist who stumbled upon a sinister skull cave, which housed the spirit of The Enchantress. Clearly learning nothing from action movies such as Indiana Jones or Brendan Fraser in The Mummy, she snaps the head off a relic and unleashes what's inside like a feral genie. With her body snatched, it was more difficult to get to know June as a character and her relationship with Rick Flag, therefore making it more difficult to sympathize and root for them in the final scenes.

3. A Backstory For Enchantress

Comic and Screen Adaptation of The Enchantress
Comic and Screen Adaptation of The Enchantress

Physically appearing out of nowhere clearly had an impact on The Enchantress, as her motives and drive pretty much did the same. She briefly mentioned she wanted to destroy humans for worshipping machines instead of the supernatural (similar to Apocalypse in X-Men), but she didn't really have a plan to execute this or a solid reason why. It would have been great to see a little more backstory to her — the time she was alive, quick flashbacks to her reign, and where her hatred of humans stemmed from would have been a good place to start.

2. An Explanation For The Incubus

Enchantress's brother making his way through the subway
Enchantress's brother making his way through the subway

The Enchantress's badass big brother, The Incubus also had a hatred for humanity — his long slumber (very quickly) turned into a quest for destruction. Although featured in the comics, his character isn't probed and is considered secondary to Enchantress. David Ayer spoke to Cinemablend about this earlier on this month:

Incubus. It's a little bit obscure, but it is right out of canon. It's one of the first Suicide Squad [comics] I read, where [Enchantress] and her brother end up transporting these people into different dimensions, and it was kind of like, 'Whoa, that's insane. I'm going to go for that.'

1. More Sorcery And General Juju

June Moone post an Enchantress takeover
June Moone post an Enchantress takeover

One of the most revealing parts of the film was the scene where Enchantress controls the minds of the squad, making them face their perfect lives and assuring them she can make it a reality. With abilities ranging from teleportation to spell casting, demon summoning to flight, it would have made a far more intriguing and complex storyline if she constantly played with the villains' heads and made herself a bit more elusive (because the halo of fire and magic above them *kind of* gave it away.)

Despite all of this being said, her character was definitely a good choice to counteract Task Force X and her personal conflict made it harder to know who would come out on top (and at what cost?) With Suicide Squad 2 rumored to be in the works, we can only guess who the next victim of the squad will be.

What were your thoughts on the movie? Do you think The Enchantress was good choice of villain? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Check out some of the stuff you might have missed in Suicide Squad by watching the video below that's chock full of clever Easter Eggs:

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