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I can't wait to see what's in store for Marvel Studios, and what characters will we see grace the big screen next in future installments, especially in Captain Marvel. As of now, it's kind of hard guessing which character might pop up in any given number of films because of how prominent Marvel Television is becoming with their critically acclaimed shows on Netflix. You really never know what A-Lister may pop up! Lastly, I can't wait to write about the Brie-cap of all the news pertaining to the movie (too cheesy?).

Brie Larson has a huge task ahead of her; leading the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel Studios. I believe the movie will be solid and I hope they introduce some long-awaited characters in the MCU! Here are three characters that we will hopefully see in Captain Marvel.

1. Spider-Woman

That's right, Jessica Drew, or otherwise known as Spider-Woman. She has a different origin than Peter Parker and a couple different variations from other universes. So, I'm not quite sure if they're going to pick one, or if they'll use an amalgamation of sorts to make the best one for Marvel's MCU.

Now, I don't think we'll see her in action, but I'm pretty sure we will at least get a character introduction in Captain Marvel's solo movie. Carol Danvers will be facing a ton of obstacles in her solo debut, and it'd be crazy not to think she won't need her best friend, Jessica Drew. I really hope this happens because it would be awesome to see J. Drew kick some ass in Phase 4.

2. Ms. Marvel

All right, I might be dreaming with this one — especially with all the drama of the Inhumans on ABC — but Kamala Khan is quite simply one of the most popular heroes at Marvel Comics. She has her own solo comic (which is easily one of the best comics at any publisher,) and it's doing extremely well in terms of sales and critical reception.

Honestly, I believe she's too popular to see her on television, and therefore makes her a perfect candidate to see a cameo of her in Captain Marvel! She could be used as someone to see how the public views Carol Danvers and could also foreshadow one of the most interesting characters in all of comics. They could always change her origin if they're totally abandoning the Inhumans. I believe that Ms. Marvel will be vital for the success of future phases for Marvel.

3. She-Hulk

She-Hulk/Marvel Comics
She-Hulk/Marvel Comics

Here's another new character that I highly doubt we'll see transformed into their superhero persona in Captain Marvel. For people who're unfamiliar with Jennifer Walters, she's the cousin of Bruce Banner and is also the formidable She-Hulk. Also, she's an attorney in New York, just like our favorite blind vigilante Daredevil. She played a huge role in this summer's Civil War II, and she's another dear friend of Carol Danvers.

I might be a guy, but I hate when my favorite superheroes are subjected to costumes that most strippers would deem "not classy," especially in the 1990s. Luckily, Marvel Studios usually has a great track record with creating costumes that are family-friendly.

I believe that Carol Danvers will face some sort of crisis, and she will need her best friends for help. Now, I'd love to see all of these characters already in their prime, but I believe this is a great way to setup some amazing heroes for the future of Phase 4.


Captain Marvel/Marvel Comics
Captain Marvel/Marvel Comics

So, I believe Kamala Khan is a great way to show the impact that Captain Marvel will have on young women and how Carol's a great role model. Also, I believe Jessica Drew and Jennifer Walters will show that she has great friends, and that Marvel is refusing to use any stereotypical tropes when dealing with their best female heroes.

Brie Larson is a great pick for Captain Marvel, and this movie might almost have just as much pressure as Avengers: Infinity War at the box office. I think it's important to show her interacting with strong female characters, and this is a great way to introduce some new characters that will have huge roles in future installments.

Lastly, please don't take what's happening in Civil War II as the definitive version of Carol Danvers. I know they're portraying her in an unflattering way, but she's one of the best heroes Marvel has to offer!

Like their superhero counterparts, these 10 female action heroes show even the toughest of guys that they can kick butt like the rest of them:

Who do you want to see in Captain Marvel?


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