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Who doesn't love a good creature feature? I mean, having so many different types of creatures hunting down innocent humans, it's impossible not to get drawn in. Now there are a couple different types of creature features — you have the more serious films and, of course, the ones with comedy mixed in. I love both! I made this list to talk about 10 of my favorite films of the genre, in no particular order.

10. The Blob (1988)

Kicking things off is the '80s remake of The Blob. Here we have two teens trying to warn their small town of the creature that crashed from space. Of course the townspeople and police do not believe their stories of a jelly-like space creature that can melt people. They really should've listened. The more people The Blob eats, the larger he grows. The military shows up, but isn't much help. Shawnee Smith is great, as always. Kevin Dillon stars as well, but every time I see him I remember him as Drama from Entourage. Anyway, this such a fun movie and definitely worth a watch.

9. Alien

Here we have Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo towing a refinery back to Earth. While traveling to Earth, they receive a message they believe to be a distress signal. Upon investigating, a member of the crew is attack by an unknown creature that attaches itself to his face. Later, an alien creature bursts through the crew member's chest and the horror begins. The environment is used so well in this film. There is such a feeling of claustrophobia, which is great because there aren't many places for you to run to in space. I love the old trailers for this film because they were so vague. You didn't know what you were about to see. Unlike today's trailers, older trailers did a great job of not revealing too much. Jaws did the same thing. This was such a great film that kicked off a great franchise. They even made a great game, Alien: Isolation, that actually brings you back to the Nostromo. There is also another sequel coming up.

8. Dark Was The Night

The Wendigo are coming! After a logging company begins taking down trees in the nearby forest, townspeople begin to be terrified by an unseen creature. Now I love how the film begins with small occurrences. First, we have the townspeople discover huge footprints going through their town and a missing horse, which the Sheriff first believes to be the work of pranksters. I really liked the look of the Wendigo and that we don't really see it at first, that helped build tension. I really liked Kevin Durand as the Sheriff. The ending was very surprising to me and leaves everything on an unhappy note.

7. Critters

Here we have more aliens coming to a small town looking to ruin the lives of the townspeople. These furry little bastards have escaped from prison and came to Earth with a huge appetite and some witty attitudes. Two intergalactic bounty hunters team up with a local teen to help kill these hungry little monsters. This film has great comedy, great effects and one really annoying song. Throughout the film we hear a song called "Power of the Night," which gets old really quick. This film had multiple sequels to follow. The second wasn't too bad, the third was bad, but was Leonardo DiCaprio's first film, and the fourth was terrible. This was one of the best '80s creature feature and I still love watching it today.

6. The Tunnel

A news group is investigating a government cover-up, which leads them into a large section of underground train tunnels underneath Sydney. Like most of the older creature features, in this film you really don't see the creature. The terror comes from the environment and the viewer's imagination. As much as I wanted to see the creature, I'm glad they only showed it momentarily. It leaves you wondering what it really is.

5. The Thing (1982)

An American research team in Antarctica find a Norwegian group dead at their base. Upon investigating, they discover the remains of some sort of creature. They bring the remains to their camp to find out what it is. What they don't know is that this is an alien creature that can take different forms, including humans. Paranoia levels increase since the team does not know who is human and who is the alien. This film has some of the most amazing graphics ever — John Carpenter did an amazing job! This film builds it's terror with the paranoia factor. Even in the end you can't be sure of who's who.

4. Eight Legged Freaks

I have always enjoyed this film. It reminds me of those old '70s and '80s monster movies with terrible graphics. However, the graphics in this film weren't too bad for it's time. The film is about a small town that becomes infested with giant spiders. The comedy is really played up in this film. Unless you suffer from arachnophobia, you won't be scared. This is such a fun film though. The jokes are bad, you'll laugh at some of the spiders, but you'll have a good time.

3. Digging Up The Marrow

On a more serious note, this film was pretty terrifying. What if somebody told you they could prove to you that monsters were real? Adam Green stars as himself and is contacted by a man who can show him where monsters live. He follows him into the woods and soon finds out he shouldn't have come looking. They begin having encounters with strange creatures that become more and more terrifying. The creatures have amazing designs to them and had almost no CGI. The film was written, directed, and starred Adam Green. One of the best modern creature features I've seen, followed by my next entry.

2. The Hallow

A young married couple move to a secluded home in Ireland. After moving in, the couple is warned that they should not enter the woods for any reason. Of course the husband ignores the warnings since he has to enter the woods for his research. Soon, the dark creatures of The Hallow have followed him home. Now, because he has trespassed into their home, the creatures want his newborn son. The film puts a dark twist on mythical creatures like fairies and banshees. Great film overall! It does well in building tension. At first you only catch glimpses of the different creatures, which helps these films so much. You don't want to see the creature too soon.

1. The Descent

A group of girlfriends get together to go cave exploring. After a cave in, the girls must find another way out. Unfortunately, something else is in those caves. Supplies are low, tensions are high, and creatures are hunting them. However, the creatures might not be the only thing they need to worry about. Some friendships will be tested. This film has blood galore, awesome creatures, and a really good sequel. Once again, I love how you only catch glimpses of the creatures in the beginning. Seeing the test of the girls' friendships throughout the film added a lot of tension.

If seeing humans bite the dust wasn't enough, check out the video below for more bizarre deaths from some classic horror movies:

So what are some of your favorite creature features? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of these films.


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