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Now that I've joined all the other kids from the Losers Clubs, the Sandlots, and the Goonies, and have watched all of the incredible first season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, I can finally start gushing about it! And speculating about what we can expect in future seasons, of course.

But before we get started, here's the standard warning:

One of the things that people loved so much about the series were all the Easter eggs and references to classic '80s movies. Among those to which homage was paid, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Firestarter, Alien, Stand By Me, and The Evil Dead all had their nostalgic day in the sun in Season 1. You can check this page out and take a look at a full list of all the '70s and '80s movies that have been called out so far.

But there are still a number of classic movies that could be used in Stranger Things Season 2 — like, a lot more.

What Movies Could We See In Stranger Things Season 2 And Beyond?

What movies from the past few decades can the minds behind Stranger Things reference in the coming seasons? For starters, of course, we have to include...

1. Indiana Jones - Except For 'Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull'

Seriously, any and all of the movies will work, except anything from that last one (you know, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). With all the underground secret crap going on, I can totally see a mine chase scene getting thrown into the mix, complete with some sort of crazy lucky jump. Maybe not THAT big a jump, though...

2. Back to the Future - For The Epic Chase Scenes

If the mine cart chase scene doesn't make the cut, then another chase scene that could one-up the E.T. bike chase would be a skateboard chase! A truckload of manure covering some bad guys (if any were left alive at the end of the first season) would be a must, with or without skateboards.

3. Nightmare On Elm Street - Striped Sweaters And Sensory Deprivation

The whole sleeping and being in danger in your dreams has been covered in Stranger Things already with Eleven doing some sensory deprivation and interacting with the monster in her dreamworld, but we're still missing something. No, not the clawed Freddy glove. As cool as that would be, it seems like it would be hard to incorporate that into the show. No, what I want to see is...

The striped sweater! Maybe on that goofy, nerdy, ladies' man of a teacher?

Or hell, at least bring Robert Englund in as a guest star. That would make every 30+ year old scream with glee!

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4. Friday the 13th - For The Jump Scares Alone

Since Nightmare on Elm Street has already been covered by the sleep thing (and a lead character named Nancy!), what Stranger Things Season 2 needs is a scene with a monster jumping out of the lake and grabbing some poor lady. Or kids. Or everyone. Whatever, it fits.

5. Gremlins - To Fit The Christmas Scene Close Of Season 1

This creepy song would work great over some snowy Christmas scene, seeing how the end of Season 1 is during Christmas dinner. Add a Gizmo here, accidentally have something food-related go down after midnight there, and bam - Gremlins.

6.-8. IT, Pet Sematary, And The Shining - Because You Could Always Use More Stephen King

All that needs to be said is a Church lookalike, a creepy sewer temple in the woods, a disturbingly terrifying clown, and THAT carpet.

Alright, children of the '80s, let's do this! Fill the comments with all the movies you want to see Stranger Things cover in Seasons 2...and beyond.