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Anybody who knows me or follow me on Movie Pilot is familiar with the fact that I love The Walking Dead and that I very much wanted to like Fear The Walking Dead also, though I did enjoy the first season. Well, now that we have kicked off the second half of Season 2, my hope for this show is beginning to fade fast.

What Is Fear The Walking Dead Missing?

A few things.

First, we don't have a villain. Every time we get close to having a villain, there is an unceremonious resolution that jumps the gun and destroys any chance of conflict. Zombies are really more like part of the setting. Though they do pose a threat, they are one-dimensional and easy to deal with. A proper villain is a game-changer and forces our characters to make decisions that drive the story.

Even this pecker-head would've done for a while
Even this pecker-head would've done for a while

Second, our characters are confused (and confusing). The idea that any of these characters give a shit about random people they encounter is laughable when you remember that these are the people who left their neighbors to die back in the first season (remember the code word Cobalt?). Such a demonstration makes it so that any escalation of disagreement regarding "saving" anybody just feels strained. Almost like going through the motions: It isn't believable. And why are our characters acting the way they are acting? We have watched Nick for an entire episode as he just moseys through Mexico with a small gaggle of zombies — why? Why did he leave the people who stayed by his side during his struggle with addiction? Did Celia really mean that much to him after a few nights at the villa?

Nice shot, weak plot
Nice shot, weak plot

Third, there is no clear destination for the series. Right now we have a bunch of characters that most people don't relate to scattered about Mexico and we, the audience, are not sure if we give a shit about any of them. Even the "fan favorite" character Nick is making us scratch our heads and question just what the hell he thinks he is doing!

Don't get me wrong though. I am not all complaints with no solution. In fact, I already wrote about what Fear The Walking Dead needs to adjust back when the mid-season finale underwhelmed audiences and left us on a break that nobody seemed to notice the show missing from. Everyone is still talking about Negan and who met Lucille. Nobody is chattering about what happened to Celia and whether Daniel Salazar is still alive or not. And there's a reason for that (or three).

Fans of The Walking Dead, check out the video below to recap some of the best (and most unexpected) kills of the series so far (spoilers):

What are YOUR thoughts on Fear The Walking Dead?


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