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After aeons of bickering in the halls of Asgard, Thor and Loki finally put their differences aside for a special cause this week, visiting some of the young patients at Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

The onscreen siblings dropped by after filming for Thor: Ragnarok briefly moved from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, giving Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston the chance to put smiles on the faces of children that they dubbed as the 'real superheroes'.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor

Among the numerous children who were visited by their comic book idols this week was Calyn Hoad, a boy who received a bravery medal in Canberra earlier this year after saving his younger brother from being hit by an oncoming car.

It's no surprise then that patients like Calyn were more than worthy of lifting Thor's hammer Mjolnir, accomplishing a feat that not even heroes such as Captain America and War Machine have been able to manage.

While none of the children who lifted Mjolnir transformed into a mini version of Thor, each of the patients that Hemsworth and Hiddleston visited that day are far stronger than the heroes that they idolise onscreen.

A Thor-Some Day For The Patients And Their Families Alike

Calyn's mother Sharna Hoad was overjoyed by the visit and the effect it had on her son, who's currently fighting a battle with bacterial meningitis.

"It was so awesome. Calyn's face just lit up. It was just magic, absolute magic... What brilliant men to come down. They did say to my little man 'hope you get well soon, hope you get better'."

Calyn wasn't the only patient that Hemsworth and Hiddleston met - the pair brought Asgardian magic into the lives of over 80 children that day, goofing around with the patients and their families while posing for pictures.

It Took Two Asgardians To Show Us The Positive Side Of Social Media

Far too often these days, celebrity culture descends into catfights and feuds between our favorite stars. The bad blood between Taylor Swift and Kimye alone filled more column inches online than any charity organisation could ever hope to, which is a rather disheartening thing to think about when you break it down.

Fortunately, amongst all of the celebrity breakups and lawsuits, social media also enables us to see the good that stars can do up close. Pictures of actors like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston visiting sick children can lift the spirits of online fans almost as much as those who actually meet the stars in person.

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By sharing their good deeds online, Hollywood stars can inspire fans in real life far more than their Marvel counterparts ever could. Forget Thor and Loki. Actors like Hemsworth and Hiddleston are the only superheroes we really need.

And those guns. We need those guns. [Via Marvel Studios]
And those guns. We need those guns. [Via Marvel Studios]

How do you feel about stars using social media to share their good deeds? Can social media have a positive impact on our lives? And how the hell was Chris Hemsworth allowed to bring those guns into a hospital?

[Via Marvel Studios]
[Via Marvel Studios]

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