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After 11 years of waiting, we finally have a trailer for Rings, the third installment in The Ring franchise. It appears that Samara's curse still haunts those unlucky victims who make the mistake of watching her tape, but now she's adopted modern technology to help her reap even more victims than ever before. Check out Samara's rebirth and the return of her infamous TV crawl in the trailer below:

Seeing Samara emerge from underneath that flatscreen TV brought back all those creeped-out feels.

The Worst Kind Of Viral Video

It's clear that Rings is catering to a more modern audience, as the days of Samara's cursed VHS tape are a thing of the past. Now, the tape has made its way onto the internet, meaning that your impending death is only a mouse-click away. Armed with this new technology and the capacity of her video to go viral, can anything stop Samara?

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An Undiscovered Terror

The cursed tape holds more secrets than we initially thought, as the plot for Rings will explore a hidden movie within a movie that no one has seen before. We can only guess as to what this undiscovered footage will reveal about Samara's already disturbing past that we haven't explored in The Ring or The Ring Two.

Though it looks like the theme of "rebirth" will be a strong factor in Samara's return, as she's using Julia (Matilda Lutz) as a vessel, perhaps to emerge into the real world — flies, hair knots, and all.

It looks as though Rings is going to stay true to the franchise with some of Samara's traditional scare tactics, hopefully mixing in some new terrors we have yet to witness on screen, like taking down a freaking passenger jet!

Samara will claw her way back out of the screen with Rings, arriving in theaters on October 28, 2016.

What is the creepiest viral video you've ever watched?


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