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For those of you who've never heard of Alan Partridge, it could be hard to comprehend why this socially awkward, hapless lunatic has become such a British national hero, but he has and over the next 10 gloriously Alan Partridge, Alan Partridge quotes, I'm hoping to show you why.

Probably the biggest Abba fan to ever grace UK TV sets, Partridge, voiced by the one and only Steve Coogan, is a wildly unpopular TV and radio presenter and, despite his 25 years in the business, remains completely clueless. First appearing in The Day Today back in '94, the character spawned three TV series, one feature length movie and bunch of cameo appearances.

So, why do we love him? Because he remains, 20-something years on, absolutely, infinitely quotable. However, before we get onto his best lines, here's a little clip of ole' Alan because, in order to fully appreciate his madcap mannerisms, you must first see them in action — so, here he is, live on Radio Norwich, adding additional meaning to Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi."

And, here we go:

1. Alan on what to say when being fired

2. Alan on honesty as the best policy

See also:

3. Alan doing pillow talk

4. Alan coming up with slammin' TV show ideas

5. Alan being a b*tch about his assistant, Lynn

6. Alan totally missing the point of that U2 song

7. Alan mastering musical puns

8. Alan's wrath of grapes

9. Alan pointing out the obvious

10. Alan insulting farmers everywhere

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